Catherine O’Hara, Jason Biggs and More Support Eugene Levy at Walk of Fame Ceremony

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Schitt’s Creek star Eugene Levy was celebrated by family and friends as he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and other stars as well.

Eugene Levy attended while is son and co-star, Dan Levy, could not attend as he is currently shooting a movie in Bulgaria.

Levy joked, “and tell me that doesn’t sound like an episode right out of Schitt’s Creek.”

The star was celebrated by daughter Sarah Levy, longtime co-star Catherine O’Hara and Jason Biggs, who played Levy’s son in American Pie. 

“My second son, Jim, is here,” Levy, 77, shared with the crowd. “I love the fact you’re here, Jason, honestly.”

In his speech, Levy marveled at the honor, remarking, “Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is about as far from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada as you can get.”

Levy thanked his wife Deb for the nearly 50 years of marriage.


“Here’s some irony for you: I’m not the funny guy in my family,” he said emotionally. “That medal belongs to my wife, Deb. And yet I’m getting the star. Go figure.”

“But here’s what I know — you can’t have your name put on a star on Hollywood Boulevard without someone having your back,” he continued. “And Deb’s had mine for 47 years, so, there would be no star today without you.”

O’Hara and Levy have shared much time together not only on Schitt’s Creek, but also on Christopher Guest’s films.

“Eugene is a gentleman in every sense of the word,” O’Hara said as she took the stage. “Eugene takes his comedy very seriously…He’s obviously funny. But he’s not afraid to laugh at himself. In fact, most of his self-effacing jokes are about the fact he thinks he’s not funny at all, which is ridiculous.”

O’Hara praised her longtime co-star for having “jumpstarted or nurtured the careers of so many of his friends,” noting their collaborations began in the 1970s, at The Second City, through their roles in Guest’s films, and all the way to the present.

“Not only did Eugene share with me, and his family, six joy-filled years on a show he created with his son, Daniel, but I believe every opportunity I’ve been offered since then is a direct result of that show,” she marveled. “Don’t tell him — I owe him big time.”


“Eugene is not your typically Hollywood star at all. He’s a very, very private man,” the 70-year-old actress concluded. “He’s tried to keep it that way, anyway. But Eugene, I’m sorry to say, your immense talent and unassuming lovability is just going to make us want to know you more and more. Love you. I’m so proud of you.”

Levy was introduced in the ceremony by his daughter Sarah Levy, who also starred as Twyla Sands in the breakout series.

“Dad, we are all so incredibly proud of you and are so thrilled to be here today to watch you receive your star,” she shared. “I’m continuously amazed by his stamina. His attention to detail. His passion. And his unwavering dedication to his craft… Ultimately, he’s shown my brother and me how important it is to do what you love. I think most, if not all, of his success comes from the fact that he absolutely loves what he does. Not as much as golf. But close.”

To her dad, she concluded with a laugh, “We love you so much. And we can’t wait for people to walk all over you.”

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