Chelsea Handler’s TikTok Video “Childless Woman” Sparks BackLash from Tucker Carlson

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Chelsea Handler always has something to say. The comedienne and multi-hyphenate dropped a humorous skit detailing everything she has the freedom to get done in a day since she doesn’t have kids. From things as simple as having more time to discover her personal style and travel to the hyperbolic statement that she could climb Mount Everest in her free time, the one-minute video covered a lot of ground. The skit was for the Daily Show, which Handler hosted intermittently since Trevor Noah stepped down.

The Daily Show has long centered on political satire comedy, and the conversation surrounding women not having children has been a growing one ever since the overturn of Roe v. Wade. What is truly a personal choice has continuously been politicized over the past few years, and Republican politicians and media personalities had a field day with Handler’s skit on Twitter.

Some pointed out that much of the conservative commentary on the video came from men–who, of course, do not have to physically carry children.


The conversation the video sparked goes back to the pro-choice or pro-life debate between political parties. The video’s sarcastic nature is perfectly in tune with the usual content of The Daily Show, which puts larger topics into a smaller perspective that the masses can understand. Handler’s intention was likely to show that women without children can also find personal happiness, despite the societal standards that expect women to become mothers in order to find purpose.

Some even pointed out that even if someone did choose parenthood, it is healthy to still desire self-care time to be an even better parent.

Handler’s sarcastic shock humor has long sparked conversation surrounding a number of topics. Whether she is referencing her personal relationships or current events, Handler’s comedy has long struck a chord with audiences. Most importantly, Handler has always been unapologetically herself, even if she felt it cost her her last relationship with fellow comedian Jo Koy. She has long been a proponent of finding a relationship that offers equality and companionship–something that many commenters on her “childless woman” skit missed.

Things heated up much more after the conservative conversation shifted off of social media and onto Fox News. Tucker Carlson had Jesse Kelly, the host of the “I’m Right” podcast, on his show, where the pair proceeded to insinuate that Chelsea Handler, and several other prominent women in media, unintelligent. Kelly went on to say that “society has lied to women” about their ability to be a “girlboss” while Carlson nodded in agreement.


The pair also noted that “self love” is the same thing as narcissism. Narcissism is characterized by psychologists as having a lack of empathy for others and constantly needing to be put on a pedestal by other people, and is not related to the concept of self love. Though Handler’s time as a guest host on the Daily Show has come to an end, she continues to film videos in her typical style for her social media and for brief segments on the show. She is yet to address the commentary from the right on the skit.

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