Chris Brown Facing New Allegations Of London Bar Fight In New Lawsuit

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R&B singer Chris Brown is facing new allegations of violence. A man named Abe Diaw filed a lawsuit against Brown for allegedly hitting him over the head with a bottle of Don Julio 1942 tequila this past February. The altercation allegedly occurred at TAPE nightclub in London, U.K.. TMZ was first to report the lawsuit.

The legal document details that Brown allegedly bashed Diaw over the head a number of times, delivering “crushing blows.”  Diaw went on to detail that he was allegedly knocked unconscious and kicked and stepped on. He additionally claims that the club has the surveillance footage of the incident, from which he was able to identify his assailant as Brown.

To add context to the alleged attack, Diaw additionally claims to have known Brown for at least seven years prior to the altercation. The document claims that Diaw thought Brown was walking up to hug him when he instead began to beat him. Diaw claims to be suffering from permanent injuries, and is suing Brown for damages in the alleged attack.

Social Media Reactions

Brown has a long history of domestic violence. The most notable allegations against the singer came from his former relationship with pop star Rihanna, when she was seen with a number of wounds following an altercation with him. This attack resurfaced in the public eye when Brown recently collaborated with R&B singer Chloe Bailey.

Now, despite fans of the singer running to his defense mere months ago during his collaboration with Bailey, his history of violence is being revisited. Many feel that despite his private apology to Rihanna, the singer continues down a violent path.


Others feel that the singer is running out of ways to defend himself.

Chris Brown And Rihanna

Brown previously plead guilty to domestic abuse charges against ex-girlfriend Rihanna for the incident in 2009. While the singer stated that he since apologized to Rihanna privately for the incident and frequently expresses regret, there are several other allegations and comments that keep turning heads.

In a statement posted to his Instagram story amid the announcement of his collaboration with Bailey, Brown essentially told people to move on from his past, and compared his previously abusive relationship to that of Chrisean Rock and Blueface, who currently appear in their reality show “Crazy in Love.”

Critics of the singer were also quick to reference his several other incidents of abuse that happened in more recent years. Last year, Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran was granted a five-year restraining order against him after he threatened to kill her. While Brown has apologized to Rihanna, it appears that his continued cycle of abuse is what continues to ignite controversy.


Brown is yet to comment on the London lawsuit at this time.

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