He apologized for being too "flippant" with people regarding sex, and was not surprised his lifestyle had led to the allegations.

Actor and comedian, Chris D’Elia posted an apology video in response to the sexual misconduct allegations that he encountered last June. In the YouTube video titled “It’s Been A While,” the stand-up comedian addressed the concerns of his fans, but to the disappointment of his viewers, he never owned up to the assault. The video comes 7 months after the allegations and the reactions screamed frustrated. Rather than accepting fault, D’Elia blamed the claims on his issues with sex and control, but ensured everyone that his sexual encounters with these women were consensual and legal.

The Background

Chris D’Elia came under fire last year after multiple women accused him of sexual assault and grooming of underage girls. The allegations included exposing himself, as well as unsolicited sexual advances to women. Some of the women that came forward were underage at the time of the alleged advancements and claimed they felt they were being “groomed.” Grooming refers to the idea of building a trustworthy relationship with someone in hopes of abusing/manipulating them when the time comes.

The Video

In the 10 minute video, D’Elia opened up about his problems with sex saying, “Sex, it controlled my life. It was my focus all the time, and I had a problem. And I do have a problem.” The ‘You’ star admitted to cheating in his former relationships, even on his current fiancee, because of his access to sex that he had never had before becoming a celebrity. During his stand-up tours, D’Elia recalled responding to messages women had sent him over social media with sexual advancements. As D’Elia had thought, he wanted to be upfront with the women about what he wanted because he believed that “was right.”

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He apologized for being too “flippant” with people regarding sex, and was not surprised his lifestyle had led to the allegations, but he stood by his initial statement from June where he said all relationships were consensual.

The Response 

Chris’ video did not sit well with Twitter users, who felt that he was not owning upon to the misconduct. Yes, he admitted he was wrong, but not that he groomed and abused his power.

This Twitter user sarcastically said, “I just watched @chrisdelia‘s “apology” video. I am amazed that it took him nearly 8 months to craft 7 minutes worth of everything but a real apology. Life as a predator must be so rough.Hang in there bud!!!!”

Twitter user, Kelbin, wrote “what chris delia did was actually really brave. to come back from an 8 month hiatus and play the victim takes courage.”

One of the women who came forward, Leah Knauer, did not find the apology to be enough writing, “I’ve been thinking a lot about the @chrisdelia  apology video”. Can we even call it that? Who was that apology to? Because I can tell you as one of the women that came forward, it definitely didn’t feel like it was an apology to the victims.”

Knauer went on to break down the video into what did and did not make sense to her on her Twitter.

This Twitter user applauded him for growth, but was disappointed that the apology did not cover all his victims, writing “Sad about @chrisdelia Long time baby. was excited to see he uploaded a video, I missed him. but there was no apology to the underage girls or women. They deserve it. And it is not “fine until it’s not”. I appreciate his growth and honesty a lot and I hope he gets it 1 day.” 

We will wait to see if Chris D’Elia ever admits to the actual sexual assault allegations instead of smoothing over with an admittance to a sex addition. His alleged victims are still waiting for a formal apology and admission to wrong-doing in an nonconsensual setting.

What do you think about Chris D’Elia? Was his apology genuine to you? Do you forgive him? Let us know in the comments