Herschel Walker’s Son Called Out After Complaining About Gas Prices in $1,200 Hoodie

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Retired NFL star, Hershel Walker, announced recently he will be running for a U.S Senator in Georgia. Now, his son, Christian Walker, who is known for his controversial videos on Twitter and Instagram, is being called out for complaining about gas prices while wearing a Givenchy hoodie estimated at almost 1,300 dollars. Many are calling this out on Twitter, pointing this out.


Christian Walker, known for his podcast “Uncancellable” where he talks about his, usually Republican, beliefs recently went viral after complaining about gas prices. In the video, he complains about filling up his tank for “20.9 gallons for $98.37.” In the video, he claims that the price was “divisive to my bank account.” Though Christian is known for his videos calling out Joe Biden, many thought it was odd he would complain about the prices for himself while sporting such an expensive hoodie.

Some people tried to stand up for Christian, saying that those who are wealthy are allowed to still be upset or concerned with inflation. Others point out that Christian may be complaining for those who might not be able to afford it, even if he is able to. Christian joined in the conversation with his perspective, saying that ” I worked at Williams Sonoma at the cash register, while winning two world championships, and skipping a grade.” He says this against those who claim he has not worked and is spoiled.


Many were concerned that Christian Walker’s beliefs represented his dad’s, who will be running for senate. One Twitter user wrote, “If you vote for Herschel Walker, know that little Herschel’s disdain for average Georgians was learned at home, where entitlement reigns.” Many were concerned that Christian Walker’s beliefs represented his father’s, wondering if that is where he got them from. All in all, neither Walkers seem too concerned about the attention or criticism, as Christian seemed to brush them off in responses on Twitter.


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