Coldplay’s 10th Album, ‘Moon Music,’ Coming in October Later This Year

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Coldplay, the British rock band known for their expansive discography and environmental advocacy, has announced the upcoming release of their tenth studio album, titled “Moon Music,” scheduled to debut on October 4. This announcement comes after their last studio album, “Music of the Spheres,” released in 2021.

Produced by Max Martin, a renowned Swedish producer celebrated for his work with artists like Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande, “Moon Music” promises to be a significant addition to Coldplay’s repertoire. The album’s first single, “feelslikeimfallinginlove,” is set to be released this Friday, marking the beginning of a new era for the band.

In a departure from typical album releases, Coldplay is emphasizing sustainability alongside their musical offerings. The band has been a pioneer in environmental consciousness within the music industry, and “Moon Music” continues this commitment. Notably, the album will be the world’s first released as a 140g EcoRecord LP, crafted from 9 recycled PET-plastic bottles sourced from post-consumer waste. This innovation is expected to prevent over 25 metric tonnes of virgin plastic from being manufactured and significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to traditional vinyl production methods.

Expanding their sustainability initiatives, Coldplay has partnered with The Ocean Cleanup to create the Notebook Edition EcoRecord LP. This edition incorporates rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) comprising 70% river plastic collected by The Ocean Cleanup from the Rio Las Vacas in Guatemala, thus preventing plastic waste from entering the Gulf of Honduras and the Atlantic Ocean.

The CD editions of “Moon Music” will also set new standards as the world’s first EcoCDs, composed of 90% recycled polycarbonate sourced from post-consumer waste streams. This initiative aims to achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and avoid the manufacture of additional virgin plastic.

To maintain exclusivity and minimize environmental impact, the initial release of “Moon Music” in both EcoRecord LP and EcoCD formats will be strictly limited and produced to the highest specifications. Each First Edition EcoRecord LP will be individually numbered, enhancing its collectibility and marking it as a unique piece of Coldplay’s musical journey.

Available for pre-order in four distinct physical formats, including Standard EcoCD and EcoRecord LP, as well as the luxurious Notebook Edition options, “Moon Music” promises an immersive experience for fans. The Notebook Edition features a casebound hardback book replicating Chris Martin’s original studio notebook, complete with 28 pages of handwritten notes, lyrics, and illustrations from the album’s creation process. It also includes exclusive voice notes and demos, providing listeners with a deeper insight into the creative evolution of the album.


Coldplay’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in “Moon Music” not only reinforces their musical prowess but also sets a new benchmark for environmentally responsible album production in the music industry. As fans eagerly anticipate the release, Coldplay continues to lead by example, blending artistry with environmental stewardship to create a lasting impact both musically and environmentally.

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