Colleen Ballinger’s Ex Husband Joshua David Evans Speaks Out On Allegations Of Child Grooming

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LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: Internet personalities Joshua David Evans (L) and Colleen Ballinger, aka Miranda Sings attends VH1's 5th Annual Streamy Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday, September 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

YouTube star and comedian Colleen Ballinger spoke up on the numerous allegations of child grooming and manipulation that former fans have levied against her earlier this week. Ballinger essentially stated that the allegations were “toxic gossip” via a song she accompanied on the ukulele. Following the attempted apology heard around the world, Ballinger’s ex-husband Joshua David Evans is speaking out. Evans was in a relationship with Ballinger from 2009 to 2016, and the pair frequently made humorous video content together.

In a series of tweets, Evans stated his support for the people coming forward with allegations of misconduct against his ex-wife. Since their divorce, Evans has documented his journey with sobriety and stepped off of YouTube. He is also remarried to Pamela Rose Rodriguez-Evans.

Notably, digital creator Adam McIntyre has led the charge in compiling the mounting evidence of inappropriate messages Ballinger sent to a group chat of minors, called “Weenies.” McIntyre alleges that the comedian sent him lingerie and asked him inappropriate questions about his sexuality when he was a minor. Evans also reported feeling gaslit in his personal life with Ballinger.

Evans went on to say that he would not be making a return to YouTube, and that he only chose to speak up in support of the many victims coming forward. He later reposted a quote that insinuated a message to Ballinger that there was still time to “do the right thing.”


Other Reactions To Ballinger’s Ukulele Song

Adam McIntyre posted a video with his own ukulele in response to Ballinger’s video. Ballinger’s video has been widely criticized, with many claiming that it is a form of manipulation and deflects from the serious nature of the allegations presented against her. McIntyre continues to stand by his claims.

Across social media, celebrities and digital creators continue to parody Ballinger’s strange botched apology via ukulele song. Notably, comedian Howie Mandel hopped on “the toxic gossip train.”


#sorry #music #singing

♬ original sound – Howie Mandel

Another creator named Jackie J. (@jcubedhax) posted a parody video compiling some of the wildest excuses that influencers have provided in their public apologies over the years.


this whole video had my jaw on the floor #apology

♬ original sound – Jackie J


Another former fan who came forward with allegations posted a video reiterating her claims. Becky (@noitsbecks) explained why she felt violated. She elaborated on the incidents in a Twitter thread.


@Colleen Ballinger your song sucks. glad to know everything is a big joke to you. #mirandasings

♬ original sound – becky

Like Adam, Becky was a fan of Ballinger’s since she was a young pre-teen.

Elsewhere, onlookers are posting their blind reactions to the ukulele video, which currently sits at over four million views.


this has to be one of the most unserious things ive ever seen on the internet ????‍♀️ #fy #fyp #colleenballinger #colleenballingerallegations #colleenballingercontroversy #colleenballingerapology #colleenballingersong #mirandasings

♬ original sound – adele ????

Regardless of whether they are directly involved in the situation or not, the vast majority of social media users posting on the situation have come to the same consensus–that Ballinger needs to seriously acknowledge the allegations, whether they be true or not. The comedian is yet to elaborate on the allegations at this time.

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