Colleen Ballinger Issues Ukulele Apology After Mounting Evidence Of Inappropriate Contact With Minors

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Comedian and YouTuber Colleen Ballinger is finally speaking up on the allegations of grooming minors. The apology, which Ballinger admits that her PR team encouraged her not to post, was accompanied by Ballinger playing the ukulele, and completely discrediting the allegations. She referred to the mounting controversy as “the toxic gossip train.”

The allegations continue to come out after digital creator Adam McIntyre presented a series of inappropriate messages he received from Ballinger. The screenshots included the comedian asking him about his virginity, and sending him lingerie, when he was only 14 years old.

Ballinger made a name for herself with her longtime comedic character Miranda Sings, for which Ballinger dons messy clothes and smudged red lipstick to cover popular songs in a strange accent. The humorous character immediately captivated a then pre-teen audience of Gen Z, giving way to massive influence over the digital content creation space.

Ballinger continues to receive criticism following her bizarre musical apology.

Social Media Reactions

McIntyre spoke up on the apology, saying that the video reveals the comedian’s true motives.


Additionally, countless social media users are continuing to believe his mounting evidence. Many TikTok creators cannot fathom the absurdity of the apology video.


I used to be such a big fan of her… so sad to see her become this #fypシ #colleenballinger #colleengroominger #mirandasings #apologyvideo #ukulele #colleenresponse

♬ original sound – Spill the tea w me

Ballinger defended herself, even going as far as joking that she was only messaging fans like a “weird aunt” trying to “be besties with everyone.”


I’m LOST FOR WORDS . . . #mirandasingstour #colleenballingerapology #analeet #worstapologyever #gypsybraidsatlanta #gypsybraidsatl #gypsybraids

♬ original sound – Ana

Many are expressing that they feel the video will only worsen the negative press attention on Ballinger.


♬ original sound – Found me


On another note, one TikTok user recalled a previous ukulele song that Ballinger wrote for her ex husband. The song used the same exact chords, making her apology not even an original composition. McIntyre and the other children in the “Weenies” group chat allege that Ballinger’s divorce from Joshua David Evans was another topic that she spoke to them about inappropriately.


i guess when she’s going thru it she writes the same song #colleen #colleenballinger #adammcintyre #colleenballingerallegations

♬ original sound – Daniel Rosales

Twitter Discussions

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the discourse continues to expand. Many influencers accused of abusive behaviors have fallen into the pattern of using artistic mediums to distract from accountability, including Sienna Mae. Mae was accused of sexually assaulting her former friend Jack Wright at a party whilst he was intoxicated.

Many feel that Ballinger may have been forgiven had she actually taken the apology seriously.

Others are showcasing some of the most humorous comments on Ballinger’s 10-minute YouTube apology.

Others recognize that Ballinger may have accidentally quoted an infamous Ariana Grande scene from Nickelodeon’s “Victorious.”

Videos of criminals singing in court continue to surface, paired with satirical captions regarding Ballinger.

Others pointed out that regardless of whether the allegations of grooming are true, the comedian’s apology video appeared to make light of the serious allegations. Grooming often leads to other forms of abuse, and survivors found the video to be insensitive.

Amid the botched apology video, tweets including details on the allegations continue to receive viral attention. Some aim to continue to spread awareness about the serious nature of the situation.

Ballinger has not addressed the backlash surrounding her apology song at this time.

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