Colleen Ballinger Slammed Online As Reports Of Alleged Grooming Of Minors Resurface

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Comedian Colleen Ballinger trends as allegations of inappropriate messages to children resurface on social media. Ballinger rose to prominence in the early 2010s for portraying a character named “Miranda Sings”. Sings wore over lined red lipstick and quirky clothes, and often parodied popular songs. The outlandishly humorous character rapidly generated a young Gen Z fanbase on YouTube and the now defunct Vine.

The allegations continued to pour forward when digital creator Adam McIntyre posted a new video about the situation for the first time in three years. McIntyre alleges that Ballinger manipulated him and several other children in a group chat called “Weenies.” The name referred to a common joke from Ballinger’s Miranda Sings skits.

McIntyre was 14 when he began interacting with Ballinger. In a nearly two hour long YouTube video, McIntyre provides numerous screenshots of Ballinger asking him about his virginity, and several other sexual topics.

The digital creator further alleged that Ballinger manipulated the group of children into writing her skits, body shamed them, and convinced them into bullying her ex husband, actor-director Joshua David Evans. McIntyre claims that Evans was not involved in the alleged manipulation scheme from Ballinger.

Social Media Response

Several shocking aspects of McIntyre’s video compilation of evidence are captivating viewers across several social platforms. Many TikTok users believe McIntyre’s allegations, and are calling upon Ballinger to apologize to the “Weenies” group chat members, and to address the controversy as a whole.

McIntyre also alleged that Kory Desoto, Ballinger’s best friend and fellow digital creator, was involved in the manipulation.



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In recent years, Ballinger rebranded her content to distance herself from the Miranda Sings character. The comedian now works as a family content-creator. The rebrand, which began after Ballinger’s second marriage to actor Erik Stocklin (notably of “Good Trouble”), came after the disband of the group chat.

The timing has many viewers suspecting that McIntyre and the other children were the ones actually responsible for the popular Miranda Sings character.


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Impact, a popular media brand known for posting infographic threads about several different causes on Instagram, published a compilation thread of McIntyre’s evidence. The thread currently has over 140,000 likes.



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Additionally, Ballinger has allegedly been blocking social media users who mention the controversy in her comment section.


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Outside of the “Weenies” group chat controversy, other videos of the comedian body shaming and making racist jokes continue to resurface.


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The Ballinger family is yet to respond to the allegations.

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