Couple’s TikTok Goes Viral For Extreme Wedding Guest Expectations

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By Gabrielle Fiorella
Image: @kroskxx | TikTok

After years of helping other couples capture their perfect days, Kaytlyn Rosko, a wedding photographer based in Colorado, has been excited to plan her own wedding to her fiancé Tyler Wyatt, 31. Rosko’s TikTok went viral, amassing over 11 million views and over 2 million likes, with the caption “Hyping ourselves up to tell our wedding guests…” in only three days.


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Rosko said she was “definitely shocked when the video of her dancing in a towel” went viral with 11 million views. With some, notably “untraditional” wedding guest expectations, such as no kids, no jeans, no favors, and no plus ones, Rosko knew that her wedding setup was ultimately untraditional, but knows that there are tons of brides out there doing the same thing. She said that the point of the video was to show that they’re nervous as well, but overall believe that your big wedding day should be your day, exactly how you want it to be. The comments section quickly became comprised of anecdotes from former brides and many questions from future ones. “Literally had someone show up to my brother’s wedding in short overalls, and it was a very formal venue!” recalled one user. Another user commented “I’ve only ever been invited to one wedding and they said no kids and I was hyped! I don’t want to bring these damn kids everywhere.”


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On the topic of wedding favors, one user commented their two sense, saying “Never understood wedding favors. The favor is you get to dance and watch me look beautiful”, prompting Rosko to reply “that and the food!!” The other concept, of plus ones not being permitted, sparked some controversy in the comments, with people saying “not allowing a plus one is cheap and tacky”. Over 500 people have contributed to the heated debate in the comments, from pro plus one to anti plus one. The majority of viewers were in favor of the couple’s decision of being upfront about expectations and boundaries, and apparently, none of the guests complained about the rules.


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Rosko has been involved with weddings as a photographer since 2015, and never fails to get emotional. “I’m a romantic, ruled by Venus and love, it’s just something about weddings, intimate or otherwise, that brings me joy,” Rosko remarked. “If you want that at your wedding, you do it. This is the one time in your adult life that you can have whatever you want. It can just be about you if you want,” Rosko insisted in another video. “This is the day. Adults don’t get many days like this so we should just enjoy it the way that we want to and with the people that we want to.”