Coyotes Go Viral After Being Caught Playing With Dog Toys

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conorhcook on TikTok

We  live for an animal TikTok video and this latest viral video totally stole our hearts. This TikTok user @conorhcook captured an adorable video of a coyote running into his yard and playing with his dog’s toys that were left out outside. 


We know coyotes are scary, but these ones are cute (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @Conor Cook) #coyotes #wildlife #wildlifeoncamera viral.

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He captioned the video saying “they really are just wild doggos” and this video has over six million views. Of course some people in the comments pointed out how coyotes can often attack other animals, but for the most part people were living for the coyote cuteness.

In a follow up video, Conor captured the coyote coming back and that time he brought a friend with him. Even though we know coyotes can be dangerous, you can’t deny these two coyotes are super cute. 

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