Creepy 70’s Doll Has Too Many Feelings

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The 1970’s were a different era for fun. It was an era before every piece of culture or ephemera or even utterance was put on display for an irony mongering public, which meant that a lot of weird stuff also got in through the cracks. Take for example this find by Twitter user Alan, who goes by @GammaCounter on Twitter, which shows a doll that frankly– is feeling just too much!

As the dolls arm spins around, its faces makes countless grimaces, pouts, frowns, and side glances. Each of them look like they reach deep into the doll’s soul and pull out a plethora of demons that the doll’s idle mind has been considering since its forty year plus isolation, with no social circle to temper them or lend them comfort. And frankly, having too many emotions that are not given outlet or comfort is humans’ job! You can see the issue here…


Alan gave his followers a few clues about the doll. Mainly its a Mattel doll from 1972 that his wife recieved in 1975, and that it was manufactured in Mexico. He sais his wife called the doll Gilly, although that may not be its name, and Twitter users jumped into the great search.

Eventually one Twitter user identified the obscure doll (ah, that old internet magic. It’s not all Russian paid trolls and finding out your heroes are awful boring people!). The doll is known as Saucy (yessssss), and the packaging of Saucy certainly says it all.

We see a myriad of robotic doll faces as they go through the motions until finally landing next to a girl who seems like she’s very politely trying to entertain Saucy through all of the instincts firing through her head telling her to run. “I make funny faces”, the doll says above the line, “Just move my arm.” Then, below its mighty and sassy name it says “Any face you can make she can make too!”, which, judging by the thumb I chose, is absolutely true. I made that face when seeing the doll. Folks.

The internet responded in terror — terror that did not dissuade Alan who gave the freakish face making doll to his daughter. The box also says “no batteries required”. Alan. For goodness sakes. Just be careful, okay?


Also, check out Alan’s sweet cat pillow.

What do you think of Saucy the face making spooky doll? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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