Criticism Mounts Against Warner Bros. After Actor Confirms Rumors Of Racism

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#IstandwithRayFisher began trending after the actor Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in the live-action Justice League film, confirmed rumors regarding much of the film’s staff, including director Josh Whedon, who also directed the 2012 Avengers film. Most of the rumors range from accusing Whedon of workplace toxicity to Fisher experiencing outright racism. The actor continues to Tweet about his experiences, talking about others on the set, besides Whedon, who embraced this toxic behavior and continuing to recommend the Snyder cut of Justice League to his followers.

As other media outlets began to further investigate these rumors, the hashtag appeared. Fans, activists, and both tweeted to show their support to Fisher and to criticize not only Whedon but Warner Bros. itself for letting any of the abuse happen. The hashtag is reminiscent of other movements including the #JusticeforJohnny movement regarding Johnny Depp’s abusive relationship with Amber Heard. The difference is that while #JusticeforJohnny focused on the double standards between how woman on man violence is perceived, #IstandwithRayFisher focuses more on the racist experiences Fisher endured throughout filming and the unhelpful nature of Warner Bros. throughout the actor’s struggle, particularly given the company’s “progressive” stance in recent years.


Many used the hashtag also to suggest another comparison between the experiences of Ray Fisher and John Boyega, showing these issues are a systematic problem within the movie industry in general. These tweets focused on reflecting the plight of Black men within the movie industry in the modern-day, where typecasting and stereotyping remain very current issues.

Gal Godot’s treatment by Whedon was another topic people discussed under the hashtag, due to the coverage of media outlets like ScreenRant. Fisher’s confirmation of the issues he faced at Warner Bros. also confirmed the rumors of what Godot faced as well. One rumor continually referenced was Whedon threatening to dumb down Wonder Woman’s character if Godot went against him.


With all these issues regarding how POC and women are treated by Warner Bros., it calls into question the legitimacy of the progressive statements made before. To many, the progressivity seems to be a mask with the edges finally peeling off as the pressure against them due to these controversies continues to mount.

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