Daniel Radcliffe Will be Playing Weird Al Yankovic in New Biopic and Twitter is Stoked

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Image: Dimitrios Kambouris and David Livingston | Getty Images

In the hectic world we live in now, especially as we take on another year of living in a pandemic, many are clinging to any good news or light of hope to make things brighter. So, with the newest announcement that Daniel Radcliffe will be playing comedian Weird Al Yankovic in a new biopic from Roku, many are seeing this as a good omen and something refreshing that will hopefully bring a small relief to day-to-day stress. When it was announced, Radcliffe and Weird Al Yankovic both began to trend on Twitter as many celebrated.

The reactions 

Biopics, which are films that dramatize and tell the life of one person, have become increasingly popular in the latest years. Many of them tend to be quite serious, like following Tonya Harding in “I Tonya” or Ted Bundy in “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile.” This film, however, is expected to be not so serious as it follows parody artist Yankovic, who remains the biggest-selling comedy artist of all time.


However, though the movie will probably be on the lighter side, the film will still explore Yankovic’s childhood, his hit songs from earlier in his career like “Eat it” and his love affairs with celebrities. And, many are even more excited to hear that Radcliffe will be the one playing Yankovic, as they are excited to see him take on the role and embrace Yankovic’s commitment to being weird.



Many also felt like since the Harry Potter series was such a large success, and has several movies with that equal success, Radcliffe does not care so much as to making money but playing roles he wants to, even if it as surprising as playing Weird Al. One Twitter user wrote that after seeing this surprising news they could “die happy now. Though many were happy with this casting, the only disappointment is that they fully believed Yankovic could have pulled off playing both his younger self and older self throughout the movie.

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