How Dave Grohl Is The New Rock n’ Roll Hero Of The Internet

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Dave Grohl, the lead singer and guitarist of grunge rock band Foo Fighters and former drummer of the late Nirvana, gave back to the Los Angeles community recently. Viral photos have circulated across social media of Grohl cooking up barbecue meals for homeless people in LA following weeks of torrential rain.

Los Angeles and southern California at large have been affected by unusual rain and snow this month, after years of an ongoing drought. The rougher than usual weather conditions have largely impacted the region’s homeless population, many of whom have survived outdoors in LA’s usually mild weather conditions.

The photos were celebrated on Twitter by Foo Fighters fans and LA residents alike. Los Angeles is known for its high income inequality, and seeing a celebrity give back in such a direct way struck a chord with locals.

Grohl cooked and served food that he brought to the Hope Mission shelter himself for 16 hours, cooking approximately 500 meals. Fans were loving his incognito act of kindness.

Grohl has long cemented himself as one of the most charitable figures in rock music, something that was revisited today amid the news of his volunteer work.


Grohl has famously lost two close friends and bandmates, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters. Many speculate that the loss and grief he has experienced is what motivates his many acts of kindness and charity.

Given his love of barbecue, Grohl often likes to share some of his favorite recipes with people in need. Back in 2018, he cooked meals for firefighters battling wildfires in Southern California as well.

Grohl recently attracted viral attention for signing an LGBTQ+ pride flag backstage at a Harry Styles concert. He has been known for his advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community for decades, dating back to his Nirvana era. Gay marriage was not legalized in the U.S. until 2015, but Grohl made his support for marriage equality known long before that.


Additionally, every year Grohl hosts “Hanukkah Sessions,” for which he invites primarily Jewish musicians to perform their hit songs in honor of the holiday, or cover iconic songs from Jewish artists who have passed away. In 2022, his daughter Violet Grohl participated for the first time. The celebration held extra significance this time around, given the global rise in antisemitism.

Many social media users are taking a walk down memory lane today as they recount positive interactions they’ve had with the famed singer-songwriter.

Grohl is yet to comment on the positive social media buzz at this time, but one thing’s for sure–he is certainly one of contemporary rock’s heroes.

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