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David Dobrik hasn't had any luck trying to get rid of the fans who are trying to get to his house 24/7. David might have to move due to the amount of people trying to get into his property in the hills.

David Dobrik might have to move out from his home after you guessed it, fans STILL wont stop showing up at his home.

So like we thought that everyone KNEW it wasn’t okay to show up to a home uninvited, but these fans of popular YouTubers just don’t seem to get it. David Dobrik posted on social media multiple times lately that he doesn’t want any fans to show up at his house anymore and he’s TIRED of it!

Personally like i’m annoyed what don’t you people understand! Give the my dad, I mean this man, some privacy! A lot of David’s friends have pointed out how uncomfortable it is going over to David’s house lately when fans won’t leave them alone. Over the past year, fans have come into the property at any given time of day to his hollywood hills home. The property, which was actually featured on architecture’s digest, is in the hills in a coldasack where neighbors and obviously David and his friends can tell when people just roll up to the neighborhood. David’s neighbors have really been quite concerned for the safety of their children even.

David pointed out in an episode of his podcast that his neighbors just want their kids to play in the front yard, and they don’t even feel comfortable letting them outside at time.

The neighbors have been asking what David is going to do about the situation overall, asking if he is going to move from the neighborhood as a possible option. As we have said, this has happened on many occasions and he has pleaded for fans to stop showing up on his social media numerous times

Many people online and offline have said to hire private security, but do you really know how much money that would cost when he should just have his own privacy?

The most concerned out of everyone happens to be his roommate Natalie! Natalie started out as an assistant with David and now living in the home with him tweeted: DONT SHOW UP TO MY HOUSE. DONT SHARE IT. DONT FILM IT. DONT PHOTOGRAPH IT. DONT LOOK IT UP. DONT DRIVE TO IT. DONT RING THE DOORBELL. DONT GO ANYWHERE NEAR IT.

But what if I just wanna ask David if he wants to go grab a drink?

NO, don’t even do that, which one fan actually has! But ya know this isn’t the first time someone has shown up at a popular Youtuber’s home. We covered it before with James Charles when he himself begged fans to stop showing up at his doorstep asking for selfie’s, Team Ten had a series of young people coming to their home and they even encouraged it, Jenna Marbles had a problem with their home as well, and Bretman rock had fans crash his family funeral. Now homes are not an easy thing to just pick up and move with. It’s not as easy to just say hey you’ve gotta go because moving and finding a new house takes little to no time. Some high up YouTubers like Jeffree Star moved into a gated community, and some have suggested David to do the same.