Deuxmoi Continues To Spread Taylor Swift Theories Despite Warnings From Swift’s Publicist Tree Paine

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Popular gossip blog deuxmoi continues to spread theories regarding Taylor Swift’s personal life despite her publicist Tree Paine’s warnings. For the first time in years, Paine took to X to tweet that the organization had made a number of harmful false claims about Swift’s previous relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, and allegedly fabricated claims that they were married a number of times.

Fans of Swift were largely supportive of Paine’s message, with many vowing to only accept information from Swift herself or verified news sources.

Deuxmoi maintains a cult following on Instagram and TikTok for the weekly podcast and gossip tip line regarding celebrities. The format brought back the energy of a number of gossip blogs from the early aughts, naturally inviting controversy for a number of reasons. Occasionally, the blog has been correct, but more often than not, misinformation continues to spread regarding the personal lives of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Meggie Kempner and Melissa Novallo reportedly run the gossip account, which accepts information from anonymous sources.

The gossip podcasters spoke to Ryan Seacrest about marriage rumors regarding Swift and NFL Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The pair began their relationship several months ago, when his home stadium of Arrowhead was converted to a concert venue in the city for Swift’s tour, and the singer left a lasting impression on the NFL tight end. The Kelce brothers recounted Travis becoming enchanted with Swift, and getting creative with trying to get her attention. The NFL star admitted that he attempted to hand Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it.



Now, the repeat insistence on Swift becoming engaged to Kelce this month from deuxmoi is being met with ire from fans of the singer, internet onlookers, and pop culture connoisseurs alike. Many were critical of gossip bloggers like Perez Hilton in the 2000s, when stars including Britney Spears were repeatedly bashed for struggling with personal issues at his hands. Now, many are dubbing deuxmoi as the Perez Hilton of Gen Z and millennials.

Many continue to slam deuxmoi for the allegedly baseless claims that Kelce plans to propose to Swift soon. Fans continue to tag Paine and claim that the repeat claims should be grounds for a harassment lawsuit.


Some are criticizing Seacrest for platforming the gossip blogger.

Following the mass criticism of deuxmoi at the hands of Paine, Swifties, and Seacrest’s viewers, the organization responded via Instagram stories. They appeared to invalidate Paine’s claims that the gossip has caused Swift “pain and trauma” but still offered an apology to her.

Now, critics are further condemning the organization’s statement, finding it even more disrespectful than their initial intrusive claims.

Swift is yet to comment on the deuxmoi allegations about her personal life at this time, and neither has Kelce.

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