Dianna Agron Caught Listening To ‘Cardigan’ Adds To Rumored Relationship With Taylor Swift

By Liana Bernstein
I mean the Folklore love triangle couldn’t have ACTUALLY been made up...right?

Actress Dianna Agron was caught listening to ‘Cardigan’ by Taylor Swift on Spotify and caused quite the hype for ‘Swiftgron’ fans. The two women have been rumored to have dated at one point. Fans think Agron listening to Cardigan not only confirms their relationship, but gives more insight into the real love triangle behind the songs of heartbreak and betrayal on Folklore.

Dianna Agron, known best for her role as Quinn Fabray on Glee, was caught listening to Cardigan by Taylor Swift today on Spotify. Swift fans were quick to take to Twitter in a frenzy, convinced that this confirmed everything they needed to know about Agron and Swift’s rumored relationship. Or as fans call their relationship, ‘Swiftgron.’

Relationship Rumors

Ever since 2012 there have been rumors from Swift and Agron fans that the pop icon and the Glee star have dated. The two were seemingly besties for a while, meeting at the height of Agron’s Glee fame in 2011. They stopped being seen together a few years later, although not before there was enough evidence to convince some fans of a possible relationship between the two. In a 2012 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Agron denies rumors surrounding a relationship between her and football star Tim Tebow. She was known to be dating Gossip Girl cast member, Sebastian Stan, at the time. Then Kimmel asked if she would date award winner Taylor Swift. Agron replied, “wouldn’t that be juicy?” She then turned to the camera, said, “hi Taylor,” and blew a playful kiss. Neither one has publicly confirmed that they ever dated, but that doesn’t stop their fans from wistful thinking. 

Although is it just wistful thinking? There are lots of theories circulating the internet that Taylor could be queer, making a relationship between Agron and Swift more plausible. Aside from rumors with Agron, Swift has also been rumored to have been in a serious relationship with model Karlie Kloss. Paparazzi and media outlets always called the two best friends, but many speculate the two dated. The song ‘Cornelia Street’ is rumored to be about her. In 2019, Taylor Swift fans were also left wondering if Taylor had just come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community upon releasing the music video for Me in 2019. 

Dianna Agron has publicly dated men in the past, although there have been a few public contradictory clues that may allude to her potentially queer sexuality. In 2011, after wearing a shirt that says, “likes girls,” Agron took to her blog to deny rumors of being lesbian. She explains that she loves women because, “…the women in my life give me things that the men in my life can’t. And vice-versa.” Her entry continues to confirm that she isn’t a lesbian, but if she were, she hopes people would accept her wholeheartedly.

Speaking of Agron’s blog, it was called, “Down the Rabbit Hole.” Now would be a great time to remind you that Taylor Swift has a song called Wonderland. We’ll let you ruminate on that one…

In 2016 Agron married Mumford and Sons guitarist Winston Marshall, but the couple recently divorced this past summer. 

So despite all of the effort that has been made to try to confirm whether or not this relationship actually happened, and we are talking DETAILED Tumblr timelines and Reddit threads, nothing has been confirmed proving that Agron and Swift dated. But fans are still convinced Dianna listening to Cardigan was a clear sign of something, ESPECIALLY after her divorce.

But at the end of the day, as much as some fans may want this relationship to have happened, it really isn’t ours to discuss.


If you aren’t fully well versed in Swift’s latest album, Folklore, by now, you are not only missing out on some seriously angsty, catchy songs but also missing out on one of the greatest love stories to be told during the pandemic. 

If you are familiar with the album, you have definitely picked up on the fact that three of the songs on the album seem to correlate. Cardigan, August, and Betty each tell a similar story. It was confirmed by Swift herself that these songs are in fact the same story, told from different perspectives. The songs describe a painfully beautiful love triangle between three young friends, who are each left heart broken in because of each other. 

After the initial release of the album, fans speculated who the love triangle could be about. Nobody thought for one second that Swift, famous for writing songs about past lovers, wrote a song about a story that was completely made up. Swift later confirmed that ‘James,’  from the love triangle, despite being named after a girl (Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughter), is in fact a heterosexual male. That was pretty blowing to many Swift fans rooting for it to have been a sapphic love story. 

But there are still so many speculations about who could have been part of this sad love story. Many fans have looked to Swift’s previous works for clues.

Taylor Swift is always very intentional and pays very close attention to even the tiniest of details. There’s no way this love triangle story is random, right?

Could Dianna Agron be Taylor’s old cardigan or vice versa? Is the love triangle story behind the songs actually made up? Or was Dianna just trying to enjoy Taylor Swift’s latest album? As of right now, nothing has been confirmed about Agron being apart of a real life love triangle. But keep investigating, Swifties! We’ll leave this mystery up to you!