Disney Working on Live Action ‘Lilo and Stitch’

Disney is adapting its classic animated film "Lilo and Stitch" into a live action/CGI hybrid.
By Alex Firer

Disney’s Live Action movie programming has been a weird mixture of philosophies and ideas. Some of them have been projects of vast prestige, such as the Donald Glover and Beyonc√© starring “The Lion King”, directed by Jon Favreau, or what the Bill Condon live action “Beauty and the Beast” movie was supposed to be (I think). There are strange projects meant to appeal to the Hot Topic crowd, including Tim Burton’s Dumbo, and then there’s stuff like “Pete’s Dragon” and “The Jungle Book” which go into theaters, do their thing, then quietly leave. It’s hard to know which category Disney’s just announced live action adaptation of the cult classic “Lilo and Stitch”, but we do know we are excited about the movie.

The movie, which is an adaptation of the 2002 animated movie, directed by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBois, based off of Sanders’ concepts, is the story of a little Hawaiian girl and Lilo who, bullied and feeling awful, makes a friend in the escaped feral but adorable alien super weapon, Stitch. The movie is cute, odd, and has a style completely unique to the Disney canon. The upcoming movie will be a mix between CGI and live action, with presumably Stitch being a CGI character, and Lilo being a live action girl in a way that hopefully will– actually work pretty well! Whenever Disney CGI “live action” animals talk it’s a little unnerving, but Stitch is already feral and weird, so maybe it’ll work out great.

No word yet is Chris Sanders is in any way involved (and he should be, we think…), but the film’s writer has been announced as Mike Van Waes, the writer of the upcoming Aladdin live action film which stars Will Smith as the Genie.

Are you excited for the live action Lilo and Stitch remake? Are you going to go watch the original on Hulu right now because you’re so hyped about it? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.