DIY Creator Tay Beep Boop and Kaarin Joy’s TikTok Feud Explained

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The latest major TikTok drama involves DIY creator Tay Beep Boop accusing a fellow creator of copying her. Maximalist designer Tay Beep Boop went after a fellow DIY creator, Kaarin Joy, and TikTokers are not having it.


it is PERFECT for the forest bedroom ???? creative friends are the best friends ❤️ this is my project that was inspired by the japanese practice of kintsugi, where you put together broken pottery and accentuate the cracks with gold lacquer. Flaws are being celebrated not hidden ❤️#upcycle #diy

♬ You Can’t Hurry Love – The Supremes

Who Is Tay Beep Boop?

Tay currently holds 1.9 million followers on the app, and rose to fame after sharing a number of maximalist DIY creations on TikTok during the pandemic.

Tay Beep Boop crafts on her living room floor.
Creator Tay Beep Boop crafts on her living room floor. (Credit: Emilio Diaz)

Most notably, Tay originally went viral for creating her iconic, moss wall. Along with this, the star is known for her ‘squiggles’ and funky alien heads.

Tay Beep Boop's iconic moss wall. (Credit: Emilio Diaz)
Tay Beep Boop’s iconic moss wall. (Credit: Emilio Diaz)

The self proclaimed ‘DIY Queen’ quickly established herself as one of the most successful and well known maximalist creators on the app, but that may now be subject to change.

The Drama

Tay is now getting slammed online after calling out a fellow creator with the username @kaarinjoy.


It’s done!???? #diyproject #homedecor #diy #fyp #artistsoftiktok



Kaarin Staalsen also shares her DIYs online, but has gained a slightly larger following than Tay Beep Boop, at 2.1 million followers.

I realized I never showed you guys the full wall in my last video!????

♬ Ghibli-style nostalgic waltz(806744) – MaSssuguMusic

Staalsen posts a lot of content similar to Tay Beep Boop’s, and this caused the creator to make her own TikTok pointing out the similarities.


Just WAIT???? #diyproject #homedecor #fyp #diy #artistsoftiktok


In a now-deleted TikTok, Beep Boop commented, “There is a large creator who is just getting out of hand.”


Taybeep_boop deleted video talking about karrin joy “copying” her. #taybeepboop #karrinjoy #interiordesigntok #drama #canceled

♬ original sound – ????

The creator continued sarcastically, “I have this green squiggle art gallery, and now she does too. The difference is she’s hanging something else. So that’s different. That’s creative.”



Replying to @monstermishy the best feature of my dream house project ???? so lucky to have this many @Grundle Head creatures!

♬ Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris

The video goes on to make multiple comparisons between Tay’s work and Karrin’s work, but the video was not as well received as Tay may have hoped.

The Response

Kaarin was shocked when Tay Beep Boop posted the video, and had her own response. Staalsen emotionally replied, “I think it’s so crazy to say that no one else can decorate like in color, or have similar colors to you, and have it automatically be like me maliciously copying her.”

DIY TikToker Kaarin poses in front of her dinosaur head wall. (Credit: @Kaarinjoy)

The tea has stirred up TikTokers across the board and now many are sharing their takes, most pointing out the hypocrisy of being a DIY creator who gets frustrated with others for also doing it themselves.


Huh? HUH?! #kaarinjoy #taybeepboop #comedy

♬ original sound – Grace LaPaille

The incident caused the company selling Tay Beep Boop’s wallpaper designs to drop her as an artist, and it was after this that Tay released her apology video.


♬ original sound – TayBeepBoop

Despite Beep Boop’s apology, it doesn’t seem the situation is completely over and done with yet. There have been countless videos pouring in since the incident but no one is sure what may come next in this scenario.

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