Doja Cat Tweets She is Quitting Music After an Online Feud with Fans

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Image: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin | Contributor

After a Tweet addressing Doja Cat’s Brazillian fans went horribly wrong, Doja Cat says that she is quitting music on Twitter. To provide accurate context in case you’re confused, Doja Cat was set to perform in Paraguay on the opening day of the Asuncióncio Festival but ended up having to cancel due to flooding. Some fans were upset that Doja Cat did not tweet to address disappointed fans and then allegedly ignored fans outside of her hotel. When Doja Cat apologized to Brazillian fans as she said she felt she did not give “Brazil a good enough show tonight at all.”

From here, a fan tweeted Doja Cat and said that it was not “too late to apologize” in reference to not saying anything about the cancellation of her performance. To this, Doja Cat responded that she was not sorry. Unfortunately, it just got worse from here, as one fan asked Doja where her “humility” went. From this, Doja replied that it was “gone” and responded with a longer tweet, clearly indicating that she was upset.  Doja also says that there were no fans outside waiting for her, sparking some fans to take offense and believe she was accusing them of lying. She wrote that she was a “fool for ever thinking I was made for this.” After this, she tweeted that she was “out” and changed her Twitter name to “I quit.”

Twitter’s response

Of course, Twitter had a lot to say in reference to this. Although it is too soon to tell if Doja Cat will really quit music, fans are upset that the pressure people put on her is the reason she quit. Some on Twitter also pointed out that some saw Doja Cat as a commodity and not a real person that has emotions or feelings. Others also saw issues of fans being outside of Doja’s hotel as if this was true, is a definite invasion of privacy. It would make sense that Doja would not want to interact with anyone hanging around the outside of her hotel.

Overall, many were upset at the idea of Doja Cat leaving the music industry, especially since she has become so popular in the last few years. And, if she quit, many felt that it was Twitter fans’ fault, which is even more disappointing to those on Twitter, as fans are not usually the reason one might quit the music industry. And although many are hopeful for her return, they are also hoping she takes care of herself and does what is best for herself at the end of the day.


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