Dolly Parton Trends after Bowing Out of Being Nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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In today’s news of the world not deserving Dolly Parton, Twitter is discussing Parton’s humility after bowing out of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominations. Announced Wednesday, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame released their recent nominees to be inducted in 2022. A long list of names like Eminem and Rage Against the Machine were included, along with Parton’s. Today, she announced she is bowing out of the nomination, as she does not feel like she has “earned that right” and she did not want any of the votes since she thought someone else deserved them more than she did. Of course, she was incredibly thankful for the nomination and even hinted at releasing a rock and roll album, which she says she has wanted to do.

Of course, this sparked conversation around Parton and the kind of person she is and her continued humility. Many also talked about the other wonderful things she has done, like helping fund the Moderna vaccination and more recently, providing tuition costs for any employee at her iconic Dolly World wishing to continue higher education. Many also believed that she totally qualifies for this award, since in the last decades the hall of fame has worked to include artists that fall outside the rock and roll genre, and instead have made an impact in music, which Parton definitely has.

Others were excited for a hopeful rock and roll album from Parton, which many thought would be extremely fun to hear.  Many discussed wanting an official recording of “Stairway to Heaven” which she covered a few years back and sounds phenomenal. Overall, many believe Parton already qualifies to be in the hall of fame, but it also means that Parton is more inspired to make a rock and roll album, which would definitely be a plus.

Although many were ready to vote for Parton and root for her as a nominee, many have supported Parton with love and admiration as she continues to be an inspiration to others and an example of what many look for in a celebrity.


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