Door Bell Video Reveals the Difference Between FedEx and UPS Drivers

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Posted on June 4th, a doorbell video camera reveals the difference in how FedEx and UPS drivers deliver packages. The FedEx driver seemingly throws the package down carelessly and moves on. The UPS driver, however, delivered the package gently. He even stays longer to rearrange the packages he did not deliver to ensure they are not damaged by the rain. The two incredibly different drivers seem to highlight accurate experiences that many have had with FedEx versus UPS. The comments under the tweet sparked the conversation of different experiences and how many refuse to use FedEx for these very reasons.

How Twitter Has Responded

This has since sparked discussion of people’s experiences between different delivery drivers. Many commented about terrible experiences they had with FedEx, noticing that their drivers have been rude or dismissive to them or harsh with their different packages. This is an obvious concern to most, as many want the things in their packages to be delivered in the best condition possible. Some note that they refuse to use FedEx because of previous issues they have had with the delivery drivers.

While many complain about terrible experiences with FedEx, there were not many complaints directed towards UPs. Many commented of how their FedEx drivers seem to not care how their packages are delivered, whether it be leaving them in obvious sight to be stolen, leaving them in the rain to be potentially damaged, or throwing them in a careless way that might damage them. Though there was some praise for FedEx drivers, showing that not every employee at the company is careless of their job, there were not as many positive comments as there were negative. This could signify the difference in which the employers treat the employees, as the jobs are similar enough to where it does not make sense as to why one delivery company would have such different reviews than another one.

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