Minecraft Streamer Dream Reveals Face for the First Time

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minecraft youtuber dream face reveal
Photo: Dream/YouTube

After 3 years of making content behind a smiley face avatar, Minecraft gamer, Dream revealed his face to his 30 million subscribers on YouTube. And the gaming community will never be the same.

Dream, known for his Minecraft speedrunning videos and Minecraft improv/roleplay collective with other creators called Dream SMP, has teased the possibility of revealing his face for years. On September 19th, Dream posted to the YouTuber Community tab that his next video would reveal his face.


He started off the past weekend revealing his face to other big creators like Addison Rae, Bella Poarch, and KSI.


On Sunday evening, Dream’s face reveal went live with over 1 million fans watching on YouTube. Currently, the video has garnered over 20 million views within the first 16 hours of it’s release. Dream, whose real name is Clay, introduced himself to his fans formally for the first time. He also addressed why he chose to reveal himself now.

“My goal was to just start doing things. Get out [and] meet creators. Say hi to my friends,” he explains in the video, “Finally just get out in the world [and] be an actual Creator, be a person.”



The pressures of others online trying to leak his face online became too much. Additionally, Dream will finally be meeting UK creator and frequent collaborator, GeorgeNotFound for the first time.

Dream’s face reveal garnered both positive and (given the internet) negative reactions. Some were comparing him to controversial YouTuber, Shane Dawson or the Rumplestilskin character from Shrek.



Some were ecstatic at the reveal saying his likeness was not far off from fan’s former face claim for Dream (actor Froy Gutierrez).


And some were honestly confused about why PUT THE MASK BACK ON and #dreamfacereveal were trending.

What does this mean for Dream’s future content? “I don’t plan on adding a face cam, to be honest, but I will make more IRL content,” he states in his video, teasing a real-life Minecraft Manhunt.

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