Eden The Doll And Friends ATTACKED And MOCKED

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Fashion and beauty YouTuber, Eden the Doll, and friends Jaslene and Joslyn, were robbed and attacked as their assaulters laughed and filmed the entire thing last night in Hollywood. The three girls have taken to social media to try to expose the men who attacked them and spread awareness about the dangers of transphobia, especially to trans women of color. 


Former male model, Eden Estrada, aka Eden the Doll, now known for her fashion and beauty videos as well as being openly transgender, has people shocked and enraged after what happened to her last night. Eden and her two friends, Jaslene (@jaslenewhiterose) and Joslyn (@joslynflawless), both transgender women of color, went out partying last night in Hollywood. Upon leaving and waiting for an Uber, they were accosted by a group of men who proceeded to rob, attack, mock them, and film the entire thing. 

The whole incident is detailed on  Eden’s Instagram story. A full screen recording of the Instagram story can also be found here. In case you don’t want to watch it, we’ll break it down for you. 


The men first started by stealing Eden’s phone as they waited for an Uber to take them home after a night out in Hollywood. When the girls tried to get the phone back, the men started throwing stones at them. The men are shown cursing and yelling at the girls in a live Instagram story. The men then start going after their purses. 


During a chase trying to get one of their purses back, Jaslene is hit or punched in the face with enough force that she falls down. A man continues to run away with her bag. Cars with friends of the men drive by in and out of the frame, showing how they outnumbered the girls. 

A scared Joslyn hands her bag to one of the men and runs away only to run into another man, making her trip and fall to the ground. The men proceed to laugh at her as she is on the ground. The men begin to go through her bag and continue to laugh.


THEN one of the guys picks up a scooter and proceeds to THROW IT at Jaslene. The men still have Eden’s phone at this point and make her give them all her cash to get it back. As this is happening, one of the guys runs over and hits Jaslene’s head so hard causing her to pass out. The men laugh and mock Eden and she screams out for help.


A police car is shown driving by the scene, pausing and moving right along, as Eden is holding her hurt and passed out friend. A few more people are shown walking by, nobody offering to help. The men continue to laugh and one actually pulls out his camera and shows his friend filming that he caught Jaslene’s head injury in action on camera. 

As this is going on with Eden and Jaslene, the same man who hurt Jaslene ran to hold Joslyn at knife point. He makes her take off her shoes, steals her jewelry and threatens to kill her. This isn’t shown on video, but Eden details it in her Instagram story. The video does show Joslyn running back to her friends, barefoot, and telling them they need to run away. Eden calls for an ambulance as Jaslene begins to wake up. At this point all the men gather around them, watching the panicked and scared girls, laughing and recording everything. 

One of the men starts saying “Black lives matter” and Joslyn begins to hurl back “you want to talk about Black lives matter…there’s a black woman who’s on the floor and you wanna talk about Black lives matter? You wanna talk about Black lives matter? A Black girl is sitting on the floor,” as she gestures to her hurt friend crying on the edge of the road. 

The men wave it off saying, “where’s the blood?” 

The Aftermath

Jaslene also speaks about the traumatic incident in a video post on Instagram and how disappointed she was in humanity for not helping them out when they were clearly in danger. “This world is f***king disgusting,” she concludes. 


Eden concludes her Instagram story with screenshots of a few of her attacker’s Instagram profiles, exposing them and asking for more people to report them to the L.A police. She asks for help finding out all of their names and for more people to join her in reporting this incident to LAPD.

People are shocked and disgusted by what happened to Eden and her friends… 


…and they hope to see those men behind bars. 

What is most evident from this horrible incident is how unprotected the lives of Black trans women are in this country right now.



Our thoughts and prayers are with Eden, Joslyn and Jaslene, but that will never be enough. We can only hope their story spreads awareness about the threat our trans Black women face living in our country, and serves as a call to action to better protect them. 


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