Elliot Page’s “Pageboy” Receives Praise This Pride Month Ahead Of June 6 Wide Release

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Actor Elliot Page will soon release his memoir “Pageboy”, which documents his experience with coming out and transitioning. The actor first came out as trans in 2020, publicly changing his name to Elliot. The book will delve deeper into Page’s experience with gender identity than ever before. The “Umbrella Academy” star began to open up about realizing he was trans in a recently aired preview from The Freedom to Exist with Elliot Page: A Soul of a Nation Presentation. The news special will premiere June 6 on ABC News in conjunction with the memoir.

Page discussed that while he was not sure of what it meant to be a transgender person when he was a teenager, he felt discomfort in his body during puberty. Page said, “I don’t think I, even at that point, had probably even heard the word ‘transgender. If it did come up, it would be briefly in health class with then the sound of laughter.” Page regularly posts to his social media offering transparent glimpses into finding joy in his journey.


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“Page Boy” Praise

Now, Page’s book is being celebrated across the internet in honor of the start of Pride Month. Several Book Tok creators encourage readers to pick up a copy next week.


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Actress Jamie Lee Curtis took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the book. Curtis’ daughter also identifies as transgender, and the actress has long been an outspoken ally of the LGBTQ+ community.


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Page’s partner, comedian Mae Martin, also praised the book on social media. Martin praised the emotional depth of Page’s writing.



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What The Book Means For The LGBTQ+ Community

The actor’s book will come at a critical point in U.S. history. For the past year, GOP politicians across the U.S. have actively worked to reverse the Respect For Marriage act, which legalized gay marriage in 2015. Additionally, gender-affirming healthcare for minors is on the chopping block across several states, notably Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and Iowa. This spring, Tennessee notably led the charge to ban drag performances that take place in “any location in which a minor can see them.” The bill was later blocked in Tennessee Federal court, on several technicalities.

Page’s status as a public figure could give way to further awareness surrounding the ongoing attack on LGBTQ+ rights. Activists and fans of the actor express hope ahead of the wide release of “Pageboy.” Activists continue the fight to preserve their rights this Pride Month.

“Pageboy” drops June 6, with an audio book version read by the author himself also available on Audible. A town hall in partnership with Barnes & Noble regarding the content alongside author and activist Raquel Willis will take place in New York City on June 6.

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