Elon Musk is Making Offers to Buy Twitter for 43 Billion Dollars

Another day, another hashtag related to Elon Musk trending.
By Savannah Moss
Image: NurPhoto / NurPhoto / Contributor - Getty Images

Recently, Elon Musk has been trending on Twitter for multiple reasons having to do with the app itself. A few weeks ago, he began to trend after becoming the biggest shareholder of the app, as he owned 10 percent of the company. He then became a member of the board the next day. Now, he is making offers to buy the Twitter app for 43 billion dollars, shocking many online and causing him to trend, along with the hashtag Twitter Takeover.

The Telsa CEO says that the app “needs to be transformed.” Musk’s offer is to buy the app for $54.20 a share, valuing the company at $43 billion, and said that this would be his final offer, and if not accepted, he would “reconsider” being a shareholder. Now, many people are divided, as some think that Musk could enhance the app, and others have even said they would delete the app if he were to own Twitter.

Some feel as if Twitter does not allow free speech, which is Musk’s main reason for wanting to own Twitter. Some are excited for Musk to own Twitter as they feel as if he will make the app overall better and make it easier for them to share opinions online. “We need free speech back whatever it takes” Lauren Boebert, a congresswoman, wrote on Twitter, and encouraged Musk to let them down.

Others feel that Musk is not wanting to work towards free speech on Twitter, and is attempting to make more money from the app. Max Berger wrote online that “The biggest threat to freedom of speech in America is billionaires suppressing the voices of working people. Elon has a history of retaliation against workers who dare to defy him. There is no reason to suspect he’ll tolerate free speech that threatens his material interests.” Others found it odd that Musk would threaten his status as a shareholder if his offer was denied.

Elon Musk’s offer to Twitter definitely stirred up a lot online, especially since many saw this coming after Musk first bought a stake in Twitter. #TwitterTakeOver, free speech, and Tesla began to trend online as people discussed what Musk buying Twitter would look like.