Elon Musk Announces $20 Per Month for Twitter Verification and Dissolves Board of Directors

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Elon Musk has just acquired Twitter but now he really has put his employees in quite the predicament. The latest news to come from the tech giant is shocking not only for Twitter users but also those who don’t even use the app. 

In a report that is now trending all across the internet from the Verge, apparently Elon Musk has given his employees an ultimatum for his first project – paid verification. If they can’t meet his deadlines, they are asked to pack up and leave. 

Within the past, we saw Twitter add a premium $4.99 service a month feature that unlocks premium features on the site, but now it seems like users will be faced with a new $19.99 Twitter Blue Subscription. What dos this mean? Well current verified, users would have 90 days to subscribe to this new program or else they lose their current verification status. 

This news is shocking many but Musk has been clear that he wanted to handle how Twitter not only verifies accounts on the platform but also handles the bot accounts that nearly tanked the deal in the first place. 


In the just few days since Elon has taken charge becoming “Chief Twit” there have been some drastic changes that some people may not have noticed on the platform. One new update includes a brand new home page for users who are logged out. This change comes with the help of Tesla engineers Musk has brought into Twitter as advisors. He’s also planning on laying off any engineers who frankly have not contributed to the code base. 

Cuts are expected to begin this week with managers inside the company reportedly creating a list of employees to let go off. Others who have been given projects from Musk has been working late into nights and even over the weekends. 

As of what is to come, there are rumors that Musk is looking to ramp up the earnings for the company with this new $19.99 paid subscription model. When Twitter Blue first launched, Twitter reported that advertising on the platform was still the biggest revenue generator. But that may change. 

TOPSHOT – This video grab taken from a video posted on the Twitter account of billionaire Tesla chief Elon Musk on October 26, 2022 shows himself carrying a sink as he enters the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. Elon Musk changed his Twitter profile to “Chief Twit” and posted video of himself walking into the social network’s California headquarters carrying a sink, days before his contentious takeover of the company must be finalized. (Photo by various sources / AFP) (Photo by -/Twitter account of Elon Musk/AFP via Getty Images)

Many are concerned this will devalue the authenticity of verification and make it something so expensive for users to try to afford. Others worry that hate speech will soon be allowed on the app by reinstating accounts from banned users who violated previous terms. 

When it comes to people online, there have been a wide variety of reactions.


As for the other latest news, Twitter’s board has now been dissolved. The nine members of its current board are no longer directors. Elon will now be operating as the sole director. 

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