Elon Musks Says Twitter Account Spread a Rumor About Him Asking Sky Ferreria on a Date

This was a wild ride from start to finish.
By Savannah Moss
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

After the Met Gala, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk attended with his mother, a rumor was spread on a parody Twitter account impersonating the popular account @PopCrave that claimed Elon Musk asked out singer Sky Ferreira on a date. According to the account, the singer declined the date that was asked by Musk’s team. Now, the CEO is saying that this was totally untrue, although many people believed the rumor almost immediately.

The rumor exploded online and was published online as a real story. The parody account followed their original tweet claiming that “Musk’s team even asked Elon to be sat at the same table as Sky Ferrerira” with a photo that looked like the two sitting together. But, Musk soon tweeted that this was a false claim. “I didn’t ask anyone out or request particular seating” he replies to the account on Twitter. Even his mom defended him, writing that “There was no team. I was with Elon. So, NO.”

Musk, who recently bought Twitter in a pursuit to make it a better app that promoted freedom of speech, shut down the rumor, but it did not stop people who already believed it. Some found this ironic, as many believe Twitter should have some sort of monitoring on the app to prevent harmful and untrue information from being spread. But, when Musk bought Twitter, it seems that his goal was to prioritize free speech, although some were concerned about what this would mean for the spread of false information. “There’s the free speech he wanted,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Some thought that this rumor could have possibly been a PR stunt from Ferreria’s team, but there is nothing to prove this. “Coordinated and likely paid PR campaign to boost SF profile by smearing Elon” commented one person. Many also believed the rumor as she makes similar music to his ex Grimes and the two are of similar age, so many found it to not be too far fetched.