Emma Roberts Domestic Violence Allegations Revisited After Chris Brown Controversy

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Actress Emma Roberts trends today as she was mentioned among a list of other celebrity abusers by Chris Brown in a lengthy Instagram story of his today. Brown has faced backlash over the past few days for his upcoming collaboration with Chloe Bailey, “How Does It Feel.” The controversy over the collaboration is due to Brown’s long history of domestic violence charges and allegations, which span over a decade.

In an effort to defend himself and explain how he feels he has grown, Brown shared a statement on Instagram, followed by a long list of other celebrities in the entertainment world with abuse charges or allegations against them. Among the list was actress Emma Roberts, which shocked the internet.

Roberts was arrested for allegedly beating her ex boyfriend, fellow actor Evan Peters, in 2013. Peters chose not to press charges against Roberts, and the incident has largely not been mentioned in pop culture or in reference to the respective actors’ careers. Many were introduced to the incident that occurred a decade ago via Chris Brown’s Instagram today. Critics of Brown were quick to point out that there should not be a double standard in how abuse is reported on based on the gender identity of the perpetrator, and that Roberts should not be defended.

Given today’s news, the previous 2013 incident between Roberts and Peters was reexamined under a microscope. Because neither of the actors ever pressed charges on one another, much of the information spreading across social media is a combination of comments made by Roberts and Peters and anecdotal evidence. Some pointed out that police reports stated that Peters had a bite mark and a bloody nose at the scene, while Roberts developed bruises in the days since the incident. This could indicate that Peters’ wounds were actually defense wounds.


Some pointed out that Roberts’ incident pales in comparison to Chris Brown’s long history of violence against women, and his continued musical collaborations with them. Roberts’ situation remains unclear, though Peters allegedly took responsibility for starting the altercation. The couple continued to date on and off for several years afterwards, and neither has had any domestic violence incidents since the 2013 incident. Brown was referred to as a “serial abuser” on Twitter by several critics.

Some felt that the lack of mentioning Evan Peters showed a misogynistic pattern in how cases such as these are handled in the media and pop culture at large.


Roberts’ case trending again will likely continue to contribute to the larger conversation of the abuse of male celebrities in Hollywood at the hands of women. Though this may not be the case for Roberts as details remain unclear, actor Aaron Taylor Johnson continues to trend on TikTok as some fans allege he was groomed by his wife Sam Taylor Johnson.  The pair met when he was a teenager and she was already a mother of two in her 40s. Both prove a potential double standard in how the public reacts to celebrity age gaps and and potentially domestic violence.


If you’re not uncomfortable or upset about this situation then you need fo rethink bc this is FUCKED #aarontaylorjohnson

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Roberts and Peters are yet to address the conversation surrounding their previous incident that reemerged today.

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