Ethan Klein Speaks Out About Toxic Work Allegations Against Teddy Fresh

"One review made the outrageous allegation claiming they ran their office like the novel ‘Lord Of The Flies."
By Savannah Moss
Image: H3H3

YouTuber and podcaster Ethan Klein say he believes Trisha Paytas fans are spewing hate about working at the clothing shop he owns with his wife Hila Klein Teddy Fresh. In a recent episode, he addressed multiple allegations about toxic work environments that came onto Glassdoor six months ago, despite not having complaints before. He also notes that you do not have to prove or verify you worked somewhere to make complaints.


He believes there might be several influencers behind the bout of hate, but named Trisha Paytas and Keemstar, who he has publically had disagreements with online. Paytas, who is married to Hila’s brother Moses, once hosted a podcast with Klein called Frenemies which had a destructive ending. Klein says he no longer talks to Moses nor Paytas and has publically argued online.

Klein also notes he does not believe Paytas has anything to do with the reviews on Glassdoor, but says the fans “hate” him and might be leaving reviews there as a consequence. But, Klein also thinks it could be YouTuber Keemstar’s fans, especially as they have had a dislike for each other publically for a few years now. He also notes in an episode of Keemstar’s podcast, that he claims former employees of Teddy Fresh have to come to him confessing negative reviews of the workplace.

Now, the company has an overall rating of 1.8 with 42 reviews, with all of the reviews ranging from only six months ago although the shop has been open for five years. Klein states how hard Hila has worked for the company, who says she takes the reviews “very seriously” and treats them as if they are real. ” We try to make everyone feel like they’re valued,” she notes.

Although the reviews can potentially dissuade someone from wanting to work there, it seems like the majority of the fans did not believe in the claims. “I love that Hila says that maybe some are real and doesn’t flat out deny anything, even though most of it is BS. Just by the way she carries herself, I can tell that she takes her Brand and the work environment seriously. The crew is EXTREMELY lucky to be employed by Hila and Ethan. Absolute dream job,” one person wrote.