Everyone is mobile gaming, but which games are worth downloading?

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While we also Tweet and take high-quality images, many of us use our smartphone devices to access games. Thanks to the power of a modern-day mobile phone, gaming on one has never been so appealing. In fact, not only is it portable and hugely convenient for people, but the games are better than ever before, too. 

Thanks to constant innovation in this particular category of gaming, game developers have been able to up the ante and develop some truly innovative titles. A perfect example of this is Niantic’s Pokemon Go, with the game offering up a unique augmented reality aspect that took the world by storm. Additionally, we’re seeing console-quality releases making the transition over to mobile and thriving on a miniature handheld device. These more sophisticated products accompany a range of other mobile gaming titles, from downloadable options in the App Store and Google Play to games like FarmVille 2 on Facebook and casino titles by Playtech. For gamers, the options on mobile are extensive. There are even accessories people can add to spruce up their portable gaming device. Some gamers purchase gaming phones, too. 

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As mobile gaming continues to rise up the entertainment ranks and play a key role in the overall landscape of gaming, more and more of us are beginning to discover the delights of tucking into a variety of games on our powerful communication tools. In fact, mobile phones are now genuinely viable gaming devices for people all around the world. The games people access tend to vary in certain countries, though. With that in mind, and in order to enjoy mobile gaming to its maximum potential, let’s take a look at some of the most popular smartphone releases in America right now. 

PUBG Mobile

One of the biggest games ever made is now on mobile and it’s booming. Although it perhaps lacks in some areas compared to its PC counterpart, the mobile version of PUBG is pulling in massive numbers. The game has 511.6 million active monthly players on average, with 42.6 million daily active players, as mobile gamers all around the world continue to enjoy this battle royale masterpiece. 

Snow Race!! 

Although Snow Race!! lacks the sophistication of the aforementioned PUBG Mobile, sometimes the simple games do best. One of the most popular titles to play on mobile in the United States of America right now, people can unlock an array of characters as they fire snowballs and race against their rivals. 

Genshin Impact

As far as open-world MMORPG games go on mobile, Genshin Impact is the most appealing option of the lot. A fantasy and open-world RPG game offering up glorious visuals and excellent all-around gameplay, it’s a release that has been compared to Zelda in the past. Alongside the top-notch graphics on show and the fun 2D anime and 3D style, this mobile masterpiece also features an array of obstacles to overcome and a number of quests to complete. Right now, Genshin Impact is easily one of the best games to play on a smartphone.

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8 Ball Pool

There are hundreds of pool games out there from over the years, but none of them deliver like 8 Ball Pool does. Based on real 3D pool games, players can take on opponents from around the world as they aim to become a pool-playing master. You can even challenge your friends online, too. Easy to grasp and offering smooth graphics on the whole, 8 Ball Pool is a truly brilliant game. 

Other popular games are Among Us, Roblox, Parking Jam 3D, Disney Mirrorverse, and Merge Super – Monster Fight.

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