Explained: Online Casino Promotions

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Have you ever wondered what the promotions found within online casino websites mean and consist of?

With hundreds of online casino providers around the world offering players a chance to grab a game at their convenience, on a device of their choosing, whilst connected to the internet, there will always be a handful of sites available to you that offer promotions and bonuses for you to discover. With this being said, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming with so much choice, or not knowing which offer would complement your gameplay best.

So, whether you’ve been scrolling the casino offers from Betfair or another provider, here is what you need to know about just some of the promotions offered to players.

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Welcome Bonus

It is likely that every online casino site is offering some kind of deal to entice new players to sign up to their site over their competitors, as a welcome gift so to speak. Most welcome bonuses offer players anything from free spins, to matching your first account deposit. Every provider offers something different within their welcome bonuses or requires a certain deposit amount to activate the bonus, so it is always wise to read the terms and conditions, as well as doing your research, to find the best offer to suit your gameplay style.

No Deposit Bonus

This bonus type allows new players the opportunity to sign up to a new site, for free, and try out some of the games on the online lobby floor without risking any money.

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Usually, the bonus has a limit on how much a new player can ‘spend’ within the lobby before running out of free credit and being asked to make a deposit, so we recommend checking the terms and conditions before accepting this type of bonus as well. Another detail to check within the terms and conditions is whether the ‘free play’ is open to all games or specific games, if so, check if these are suited to your gameplay style.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are a common bonus found within promotional pages of online casino sites. Similar to welcome bonuses, this type of bonus will give you money towards your gameplay after you have deposited a certain amount into your account. The amount given could be anything from a percentage of your existing deposit, to 2x, 3x, 4x, or even 5x your deposited amount.


Free Spin Bonus

More commonly seen offered to existing players as a promotion to try newly introduced Slots within the lobby floor, the free spins bonus might also be offered to new players too. When claiming this bonus type, you will be awarded a limited number of free spins, which can be used on a selection of games attached to the promotion. When the free spins are played, any prize money will be added to your account bankroll.

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Some free spins bonuses require a deposit amount before being awarded, whereas other sites do not, so it is always best to read the terms and conditions before claiming your free spins.

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