Explaining the Universe with Daniel & Jorge’s Podcast

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Aušrinė Vilčinskaitė

Ever wondered what light is made of or why do moving clocks run slowly? The ‘Explain the Universe’ podcast will answer all such questions. If you are looking for a logical podcast to enhance your knowledge bank, this one is for you. 

The podcast is made by Daniel, a Physicist working at CERN, and Jorge Cham, a popular online cartoonist. They emphasize some of the simple yet profound phenomena that people keep wondering about. Every explanation is done in a fun, short, and jargon-free way. Give your day a good and meaningful start with this podcast! 

All curious minds will be happy and satisfied after listening to this podcast. We have curated a list of episodes that you should listen to. Get ready to enhance your knowledge bank with Daniel and Jorge. 

Best Episodes of Explain the Universe

What is the most important invention in human history?

Put your thinking hats on to find out which is the best invention in human history. A printing press or electric light? Some of you may argue about automobiles or some may say the telephone might the most revolutionary. Truly, modern inventions are so ubiquitous that it’s almost impossible to track their origins. For instance, when entering the metaverse or exploring the latest slot games in Canada, the cinema-quality graphics of modern-day online experiences transport us into a new world. Making fantasy worlds of games even more immersive, technology keeps growing at an unprecedented pace. 

So, listen to this episode and find out the most important inventions of the mankind yourself. 

Is the Earth round? 

If you love geography and are curious to know what exactly our Earth looks like. What is the shape of Earth, and how do we know more about it? This episode will unfold all the facts related to the shape and size of our beautiful planet. 

What’s the most powerful volcano in the Solar System? 

Daniel and Jorge explain how volcanoes work and they will blow up your mind. What are ashes made of, why volcanoes are so powerful, and which one is the fiercest? You will get all these answers in this episode. 


What’s inside the Black Hole?

Curious minds will love this episode because the duo explained everything about the black hole. Further, it will give you an idea of how it will feel to get inside the black hole. It has two parts, event horizon which is also known as the surface, where the gravity is super difficult to escape, and another- wait, you got to listen to this podcast to find out!

Are there Aliens?

Do you think Aliens exist? Do you think there are UFOs? You will get all your answers in this episode of Explain The Universe by Daniel and Jorge. Science lovers will love learning more about the people of other planets. 

How does a nuclear bomb work?

You must have read everything about nuclear bombs in your textbooks. But there is a lot beyond those books. The way this podcast explains every minute detail about the bombs will blow your mind. 

What’s the biggest thing in the Universe?

How big is too big? What is the biggest thing? Planets, bright stars, range of galaxies, clusters, or what? We have read about the biggest of planets, the diameter of the Sun, the Milkyway Galaxy, and the clusters of galaxies, let’s find the answer! 

When will the Sun explode?

When Sun is burning every second, it is obvious to think when will it burn. But who will explain it in layman’s language? Team ‘Explain the universe’ did it and now you will know for how long we will get sunshine before getting a new star. 

Was/Is there life on Mars?

The most asked question of the century- is there life on Mars? Is there some water, is it possible to grow food on the land of Mars? Will humans ever be able to survive on the red planet? Everything is answered and explained in this episode. 


What came before the Big Bang? 

The Big Bang Theory made everybody go bonkers and made us think about what caused the Big Bang, and what did it come from. Also, questions like what happened before the Big Bang will be answered in this episode of ‘Explain the Universe’. 

Is the whole Universe spinning?

Everything around us is constantly moving, but really are we spinning? If yes, why can’t we feel it? Daniel and Jorge explained it in detail about it. Find out if the whole Universe can spin or if it is stationary. 

Four Ways Physics Could Kill Everyone

The craziest episode from the podcast is all about if physics can cause the end of humanity. Listen to this one to learn more about physics and see how it impacts humanity and this universe. 

What is the emptiest place in the universe? 

This 48-minute podcast will make you think twice about empty places. If you are wondering if empty places exist in the universe, this podcast has all your answers. You will get to know where is the emptiest place and why it exists. 

Add these episodes to your playlist and change your perspective towards everything happening in the universe. Put on your earphones and get ready! These are available on Apple podcasts.

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