Facebook Brings Back Nostalgic ‘Poke’ Feature on Platform

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Facebook is bringing back a feature that had many on the platform years ago nonstop.

Meta announced on Tuesday that it recently improved the platform’s suggestions on who to poke these days and even made it easier to find the new poking page through search.

Facebook has also added the ability to poke a friend when you search them on the social network.

Facebook noted that these small changes have lead upward to a 13x spike in poking in the last month.

Despite many of them not being around for the intial surge of poking, a young amount of users are embracing the new feature as Facebook notes that more than 50% of pokes are coming from 18 to 29 year olds.

Poking was one of the original features on the platform dating back to its founding back in 2004. Yet, the feature was tucked away after it lost popularity.

Facebook had never specified what the intention behind poking was, but left it up to user interpretation to flirt or even have a friendly nudge with a friend.


Now, the company is resurfacing the feature around the social network’s 20th birthday and framing it as an easy way to say “hi” to a friend.

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