Family Charged Child Cruelty Over IG Live Shaving ‘Gay’ In Brothers Head

Downright evil
By Christian McBride
family shaves gay in younger brothers head
Atlanta Police Department

Atlanta police department has arrested 3 family members for child abuse shaving “gay in their sibling’s head. The video went viral last month making its way across the nation and people all over the states have been in outrage that this young man’s family would abuse him for being gay. The video is his older brothers and sisters slapping him around telling him it’s wrong to be gay. They also shaved his head and sketched gay in his head. As they slapped him around his older brother gripped him by his head and asked him to repeat the “gay a** sh*t” and he pushed him around and finished with, “you thought I wasn’t gone beat yo a** for that sh*t last night.”

The suspects in custody are Jordan Jarrode Richards-Nwankwo 18, Lorkeyla Jamia Spencer 19, Brittany Monique Mills 35, are all charged with cruelty to children in connection with this video. The video surfaced on June 17th of last month (per daily mail). The brother who was being abused by his siblings went on Instagram live shortly after the video spread across the world and defended his siblings.

“My brother nem they didn’t even abuse me they were just showing me you’re not supposed to be doing stuff like that. But you know, I just wanna get this off of my sister and my brother they were not abusing me.  I’m still going to be myself but yall need to take this stuff down because like them my siblings, do yall know what this is doing?” In apparent sympathy for his brothers and sisters. Not wanting to see them in trouble. The brother and sister and mother have been charged and will be appearing in front of a judge. Tyler has since been removed from the home and into protective custody. “Atlanta Police Department stepped in and left a statement behind the motivation for their arrest and the removal of Tyler from the home. “The behavior displayed in the video was difficult to watch and is absolutely unacceptable.” (per daily dot).