Fan Girl Turns Girlfriend: YouTuber Caspar Lee Begins Dating a Fan!

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Every fan girl has dreamed about the fantasy of one day becoming their idol’s significant other, and for the most of us, it will only ever be a dream. But not for this fan of YouTuber, Caspar Lee, that fantasy has finally come true.

19-year-old Ambar Miraaj first met YouTube sensation, Caspar Lee (24), at a small YouTube meet up six years ago. She began as a typical fangirl, obsessing over popular British YoutTubers, whose online presence took the world by storm. As their popularity rapidly grew, the chances of becoming someone special in their lives was but a dream to many of us. However, Ambar had her eyes set on the South African sweetheart from a young age, and girl knew what she wanted, and that was Caspar Lee. She was successful in her graft and has finally secured the bag just like the fan fictions intended.

Fans across Twitter are shook at the news and are so jealous over how stuff like this hasn’t happened to them. But then again, Miraaj is a model who studies at one of the best universities in the UK, so she pretty much has the whole package. I think Caspar is the lucky one!


But the story has 100% given us fangirls a lot of hope, and it such a sickly-sweet story that is making our hearts feel so full.


It’s no wonder Caspar Lee fell for her, she is absolute perfection! The two look very happy together, and the story has definitely given me hope that maybe one day Joe Sugg will finally see that I am the fan girl he was destined to be with. Come on Caspar, give your mate a pep talk on how great it is and help a girl out! I think I’ll have to listen to the wise words of Mariah Carey, “it’s just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby”…and that’s all it’s ever going to be!

But for now, I will listen to That Should Be Me by another one of my fantasy boyfriends, Justin Bieber, whilst I think about how jealous I am.

Who have you had countless fantasies about dating? Harry Styles? Shawn Mendes? Cameron Dallas? The list is endless! Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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