Fans ACCUSE Ace Family of DELETING Negative Comments

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The ACE Family has grown a massive following on YouTube with over 15 M subscribers featuring Dad, Austin, Mom, Catherine and Daughters Elle and Alaia. Despite the channel’s commitment to positive, family friendly content, they have been caught in the middle of some controversy, with a video recently surfacing online of dad Austin buying a penis-shaped lollipop for one of his alleged family member’s daughter.

Austin and Catherine ignored the controversy in the moment, but later revealed that they would be giving their fans an inside look at the good, the bad and the ugly. In a video titled “Saying Goodbye” Austin and Catherine announced they will be release a documentary that will pull back the curtain and show some revealing stuff.

hat documentary has been broken up into four 20-minute parts, with Part 1 airing recently.  And with over 9M views, the video has certainly gained a lot of attention.  Scrolling through the early comments, there are an overwhelming number of positive ones, which have raised some suspicions.

This user caught the channel deleting a negative comment she left. In another thread, fendinfries99 said:

“…as their channel has blown up, Catherine evidently deletes any and all negative comments (even if it’s just constructive criticism). I know this is true because I’ve had a couple times where my comments were significantly upvoted giving some type of criticism and then quickly deleted. I also find it irritating that I don’t think I’ve ever seen them once actually respond to a comment, despite claiming that they read all of them.”

Part 1 was widely criticized on other platforms as shallow, and as the video gained more and more comments…the most recent comments are super salty and are definitely not being deleted.


Like Sel who said ‘kim there’s people that are dying’

StreamDNA Sais “27 mins of them having a sad bg music and talking about how famous and rich they are”

And one user who said “the comments are more interesting than this video”

So do you think it’s ok to delete negative comments? Let us know in the comments section (we promise we won’t delete them…lol).

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