Fans Are Loving This Marvel Reunion Cameo In “Ghosted”

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Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Ghosted, Film

“Ghosted” premiered today, and fans are loving the outlandish romantic comedy. The film stars Ana de Armas and Chris Evans as your typical couple who miscommunicate on accident, with a twist. When Evans’ character Cole Turner thinks that de Armas’ character Sadie Rhodes ghosted him, he goes to surprise her on a work trip, not knowing what he’s getting himself into. An international mission enlists Sadie as a spy.

While the film is not receiving much critical acclaim at this time, fans of the actors and the genre are loving it. One of viewers favorite moments from the star-studded film was when Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, former Marvel costars of Evans’, make a surprise cameo. Evans previously dropped a hint about their appearances in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon.

Later in the film, Ryan Reynolds also stops by in a shocking cameo.


Once the excitement at the cameos settled, some viewers were left a bit disappointed with the plot of the film overall.

Despite the familiar “mistaken identity” rom-com trope at play, some felt that while not entirely original, the film plays to something all romance lovers can appreciate–a love that conquers even the most bizarre of obstacles.

“Ghosted” is now available for streaming on Apple TV+.

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