Fans Hesitantly Listen To Doja Cat’s New Track ‘Paint The Town Red’

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Pop and hip hop artist Doja Cat is back with another single after her recent controversy. The singer recently came under fire for publicly lashing out at young fans online for nicknaming themselves “Kittens.” The musician previously approved this nickname, hence the puzzled reactions across social media. The singer went on to criticize her own music, insinuating that her previously acclaimed pop albums were too commercialized for her liking. She even referred to her Grammy winning “Planet Her” as a “cash grab.”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 17: Doja Cat performs onstage during YouTube Brandcast 2023 at David Geffen Hall on May 17, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for YouTube)


The musician continues to post dark and gothic visuals to her social media accounts, and has recently gotten several tattoos inspired by Dante’s “Inferno.” The visuals had many listeners sensing a genre shift on the horizon, but the newest song appears to prove otherwise. “Paint The Town Red” continues in Doja’s signature pop, R&B, and hip hop fusion style.

Social Media Reactions

Despite the new track’s quality, many listeners cannot seem to get past Kittensgate. Hundreds of young fans who discovered the singer on TikTok deleted their fan accounts dedicated to her in response to her negative commentary towards them.

Doja Cat previously discussed writing music from the point of view of an alter-ego. The alter-ego for her upcoming album, Scarlet, may be shining through in the singer’s latest actions. Some fans continue to justify her behavior with this theory.


Some feel that the music video for “Paint The Town Red” only further proved the Scarlet theory. Some additionally theorize that the video and song contain biblical references to the demonization of women.

Just weeks ago, following the strange Kittens commentary on Threads, the singer took to Twitter to thank fans for buying tickets to her upcoming tour. Fans reacted with confusion to the post, as the singer never apologized to the countless young fans she appeared to insult.

Others are taking the lyrics to the new track as her response.


Doja Cat is also yet to comment directly on her controversial relationship with former Vine star Jay Cyrus. The digital creator faces several allegations of grooming, misconduct, and sexual harassment. The singer allegedly blocked several people who attempted to contact her privately regarding the situation. Cyrus previously posted a public apology for his actions in 2020.


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Doja Cat has not issued further commentary surrounding the meaning behind her latest single. The release date for the singer’s upcoming full length album is to be announced. Her “Scarlet” tour begins on Halloween in San Francisco, California. Ice Spice and Doechii will additionally serve as supporting acts on select dates of the tour.

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