Fans Outraged That Rachel Zegler Was Not Invited To The Oscars

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One of the stars of West Side Story, Rachel Zegler was not invited to the upcoming Oscar’s and the internet is not pleased. Recently, Rachel Zegler revealed in the comments of an Instagram post that she will not be attending the Oscar’s this Sunday despite starring in a film that has seven nominations.


Rachel Zegler did not get an Oscars invite and people are not pleased (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @Disney+, @The Oscars) (????: @RachelZegler) #westsidestory #rachelzegler #oscars

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After Rachel shared this news, people immediately started sharing their outrage over on social media. So much so, that Rachel released a statement thanking everyone for their support, but then also reminded them that we are still living in unprecedented times and a lot of work goes into productions, including award shows.

She also reminded everyone to respect the process. People still seem to be upset over Rachel not attending.

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