Fans React to a New Season of the Netflix Show “Emily in Paris”

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Today, a new season of the popular Netflix comedy “Emily in Paris” debuted, and fans are STOKED. This news caused #EmilyinParis to trend on Twitter as fans excitedly talked about the new season and what they are hoping for. If you haven’t seen the first season, you should probably get on that ASAP.

Twitter’s Reaction

So, just in case you have been living under a rock, Netflix’s show “Emily in Paris” features Lilly Collins as Emily, who receives a shocking promotion, requiring her to move to Paris to be a social media manager for a fashion company called Savoir. This comes as a surprise as Emily’s boss was supposed to take the job, but finds out she is pregnant and sends Emily instead. She breaks up with her boyfriend and becomes a complete fish out of the water, not knowing the language or culture of France.

Though Emily struggles at first, her fictional Instagram account @emilyinparis becomes incredibly successful, meets new friends, and even becomes a part of a love triangle. The show was entertaining for many, as it was entertaining and funny, with drama and a love story included. Many also loved that the Instagram account, along with the show title, was a play on words to read as the French pronunciation of Paris, so it reads “Emily in Pah-ree.” Fans also loved the outfits Emily wore, along with the handsome men included in the love triangle.

Hate binging?

Though many enjoy the show and watch it because of that, some people report that they despise the show, and yet cannot stop themselves from watching. This is often known as “hate-watching” or “hate binging.” Apparently, this Netflix comedy-drama is the perfect show to hate-watch! Some viewers believe that the show is completely unrealistic and almost cringe-worthy, but many enjoy watching because the scenery is beautiful and so are the characters.


Some watching dislike the accents or the characters, believing Emily is a character hard to root for. However, whether or not you are hate watching it or watching it due to undeniable enjoyment, we hope you enjoy season 2!

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