James Charles can't stay away from drama

James Charles has repeatedly entangled himself with internet drama, and as much as he tries to escape, it seems that social media will never free him from his trolls.

In Charles’s latest controversy, he is accused of plagiarizing his new “Sisters” merch from the clothing brand Teddy Fresh.

What is the “Sisters” Merch?

“Sisters” refers to James Charles’s fanbase as he always starts his YouTube videos by calling his viewers “sisters.” Also, Charles founded the “Sister Squad” that included many prominent YouTubers including Emma Chamberlain. 

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Charles’s new merch features a color-blocked theme with a new “Sisters” logo that exhibits back to school vibes, and it will drop on Thursday, September 24 at 12PM PST.

To promote the drop of his new merch, Charles recruited some friends from the Hypehouse and Sway House to excite fans to buy his new color-blocked sweats. Some of the most popular TikTokers such as Charli D’amelio, Avani, and Noah Beck have posted numerous TikToks wearing the new merch as they prepared for a photoshoot in a classroom – marketing the hoodies as cute school clothes.


sisters apparel photoshoot today w my favs 🥰❤️ launching thursday the 24th!!




♬ original sound – Bucking•queen



choose ur fighter

♬ THICK – DJ Chose & Beatking


The Drama

As people got excited for James Charles’ merch to drop, YouTubers Ethan and Hila Klein accused Charles of copying Hila’s designs from her clothing brand Teddy Fresh.

Hila’s husband took to Twitter to point out the similarities between Charles’s and Hila’s designs as they both used the same color-blocked pattern.

To further her husband’s agenda, Hila shared her original sketches from 2017 of her color-blocked hoodies to prove that she is the original creator of the design.


After these allegations were made against Charles, Charles responded to Ethan’s tweets and claimed that they had a private conversation where Charles claimed he never saw the Teddy Fresh brand, and he sent the Kleins original pictures of his merch. When Charles asked what they wanted him to do, the Kleins did not respond. 


Because Charles despises drama, he asked Ethan to continue chatting privately about the unfortunate coincidence, so they can work together towards finding a solution.

However, it seems Ethan wants his conflict with the makeup mogul to remain public. Because Klein believes Charles is lying, he gave permission for Charles to share their conversation publicly to validate Klein’s statements.

According to Klein, Charles told him that the similarities between the two designs was not a coincidence and he was still going to sell his “Sisters” merch no matter what. Because Klein was upset with Charles’s tone in his DMs, Klein decided to get the public involved with their dispute. 


Although Charles is not adding more fuel to the fire, Klein wants the fire to continue burning. 

This morning Klein dug up an instance from last year where Charles accused someone for copying his color palette. Now that the roles are reversed Klein is suggesting that Charles is a hypocrite.

To gain more traction to this issue, Klein moved the conversation to TikTok. With the “Sisters” merch in the background, Klein wore a Teddy Fresh hoodie to allow users to clearly identify the similarities.


james charles new merch looks very similar to our teddy fresh design 👀 #jamescharles #teddyfresh #fashion #fyp #greenscreen

♬ I wanna feel again doo doo doo doo – Josh


And people are agreeing with Klein.

However, unlike Charles’s past conflicts, there are many who are taking his side. People are saying that Klein’s accusations are a stretch as Hila did not invent color-blocking as this style has been around since the 90s.

Who’s side are you on? Do you think James Charles actually stole his designs from Teddy Fresh?