Fans Think “Speak Now: Taylor’s Version” Is In The Works After Leaked Clip Shared By “The Eras Tour” Dancer

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Taylor Swift recently began her most ambitious tour yet–“The Eras Tour”, which encompasses material from all 10 of her studio albums. The tour is currently prepping for its Tampa, Florida stop. As the extensive crew of lighting designers and dancers scope out the stadium, a dancer posted a snippet of a behind-the-scenes moment from rehearsal. The rehearsal in question was soundtracked by what some listeners suspect is none other than “Enchanted: Taylor’s Version”.

“Enchanted” is one of Swift’s biggest hits, originally appearing on her “Speak Now” album. This album has not been re-rerecorded yet. Following record executive Scooter Braun’s purchase of Swift’s original masters, she began re-recording all of her previous work, so as to regain ownership of her older music through a legal loophole. In the process, Swift has dropped previously un-released “vault” tracks that she wrote during each respective album “era,” in addition to crafting new music videos. Notably, Swift took home the Grammy this year for best music video for “All Too Well: 10 Minute Version”.

The dancer quickly deleted the snippet of the “Enchanted” re-record, but countless fans were quick to screen record it. Naturally, the post has Swift’s fans theorizing across the internet about what “Enchanted: Taylor’s Version” could signify. One Twitter user is not buying into the hype just yet, thinking that the snippet posted could just be a backing track that Swift uses on tour.

Others speculate that the track was leaked on purpose. A similar leak of Swift’s “All Of The Girls You Loved Before”, a vault track from “Lover”, appeared on TikTok just weeks before Swift released it.


Additionally, Swift has released re-records as stand alone tracks before. “Wildest Dreams” from “1989” dropped after it sparked a massive TikTok trend in 2022.  “This Love”, also from “1989”, was released last summer, and appeared on the soundtrack for Amazon Prime Video’s “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” This in mind, some fans are reminding listeners to proceed with caution, as the full “Speak Now” re-records may take a while.

Elsewhere, some Twitter users are joking about the fate of the dancer that shared the now-deleted clip on his Instagram.

“Enchanted” has soundtracked over 33,000 videos on TikTok, from love stories to guitar tutorials and everything in between. The song, released in 2010, is rumored to be about Taylor Swift’s run in with Owl City’s lead singer, Adam Young. Young even released his response to the track, singing that he was “enchanted to meet Taylor too”. The music history combined with the song’s cinematic feel leaves a lasting impact on listeners.


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Swift did not confirm or deny that the track is “Enchanted: Taylor’s Version,” and neither did the dancer who originally shared the clip. Listeners may want to stay up until midnight tonight, just to keep an eye out for any surprises.

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