Fans Throw Gifts To Johnny Depp In His Car Amidst Heard v Depp Trial

Unexpected or expected happenings at the Depp v Heard trial?
By Gabrielle Fiorella
Image: @jessvalortiz | TikTok

As the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial continues to unfold, the aspects and spectacle around the trial have started to become more highkey and notable than the trial itself. In late April, a Starbucks actually went viral for putting out two tip jars, one labeled Johnny Depp and one labeled Amber Heard to see which one would get the most tips. Another happening was when TikTokers immediately began to notice Heard’s choice of outfits, commenting on the fact that she was consciously mimicking Depp.


that. was. WILD. #fyp #johnnydeppvsamberheard

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At a concert for the band Wallows, a crowd member showed up and decided to show pictures of Depp and Heard and was met with alternating cheers and boos. The most recent happening was TikToker @jessvaloritz posting a video of her going to the outside of the courthouse because she lives 20 minutes from it. Johnny’s fans showed their appreciation for him by showering him with gifts and cheering. The tiktok currently has over 8.5 million views. In the video, Jess is carrying a little piece of paper that says “Go Johnny” with a smiley face on it, and when the car with Johnny approaches, fans rush to the side of it to shove gifts in his window. “It’s getting a bit out of hand. I can’t believe he’s allowed to receive all these gifts?”


Image: @jessvalortiz | TikTok


Jess wrote in the overlaying text of the video. After the fanfare for Johnny erupted, Amber’s car pulled up to the courthouse followed by silence and one person screaming “lying narcissistic!” Comments unanimously seemed to be in favor of the fanfare for Johnny. “The difference is like night and day,” one Johnny Depp fan wrote. “The person who yelled, “lying narcissistic,” said what we all wanna tell Amber.”


see u in court 😉 #fyp #johnnydeppvsamberheard

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On the other hand, when the video was posted on Twitter, the reactions were overall negative saying the behavior was not appropriate in any way for a defamation trial in which abuse is alleged. Comments like “borderline insanity you’d think this was just a fan event,” and “there are so so so so many things wrong with this, people are very strange.” Overall, the responses to the video itself were all over the place. Anyways, justice for Johnny and this trial needs to be treated seriously.