Fashion Influencer Posts Extravagant PR Package and Receives a Divide of Opinion in Her Comments

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Image: @Scoutthecity | TikTok

Recently, a TikToker has viewers divided over the extravagant and fancy PR package she received and posted on TikTok. The fashion influencer, Sai De Silva (@scoutthecity) posted the package she had received from a luxury beauty brand La Mer, so they show products as clothing and watches, of course if you use a watch you should also learn when should I change my watch battery. The PR package, which Silva called “the most insane PR package” was a large green case that opened, revealing both a large vanity and matching chair. Inside, as well, was a chest of drawers that contained a bottle of champagne, accompanied with two Baccarat glasses, a one-pound jar of La Mer’s most popular beauty item Creme de la Mer, which retails for over 2,000 dollars, and a La Mer bathrobe.


Woah! This was such an amazing Surprise from La Mer #prpackage #surprise #gifts #fyp #brooklyn #beauty

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Silva explains in a voiceover that they then take the chest away to refill for someone else to enjoy the experience, which she comments were very “immersive.” Though posting the video of the luxurious was probably meant for fun, many of the comments were divided on the experience. Many of the comments believed that in a time that we are in, where many people are still struggling with making ends meet, the video was “tone-deaf.”

Many of Silva’s comments were divided. Image: Scoutthecity | TikTok

TikTok’s Divide

Though some people were upset with the video, as they believed that the extravagance was too much and that perhaps the money used for the packages could have gone somewhere else, other people were fine with the video and did not understand why some commenters were upset. One commenter, @c18362, commented that when a white influencer posted her luxurious experience that all she received was love and support in her comments. Another commenter did not understand why anyone would be offended or upset, noting that “Why are people so upset? It is just a PR package but because it is a luxury brand they like to go bigger.” Other people commented their support for Silva, commenting on how lucky she is and how special of an experience that would be.

Other people were very happy, if not a little jealous, for Silva. Image: Scoutthecity | TikTok

Though there seemed to be a divide of opinions of Silva’s PR package experience, it did not seem to weigh on Silva too much as she continued to post videos of her experience as a fashion influencer on TikTok.


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