Fight At Taco Truck Goes Viral on TikTok

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rosariotijeras on TikTok

A video has now gone viral with 5 million views where you can see a man spraying a fire extinguisher on the food supply of his rival taco truck. This incident went down in Whittier California, and apparently the guy who committed the crime was upset that this rival taco truck set up in his usual spot. Hence his reaction.


Okay this taco truck fight went way too far (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @@rosariotijeras, @Jesús) #viral #tacotrucks #tacotruckfight #trending

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According to the LA Times, the man in the video was arrested for felony vandalism and destroying the taco stands food.  On a positive note, a separate TikToker named Jesus saw the horrible video and started a Venmo campaign for the workers who had their food ruined. Him and his followers raised $15,000 for the employees who had their food ruined that night.

While this story does have a somewhat happy ending, this was a situation that did not need to happen in the first place. 

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