Filmmaker Joss Whedon Trends on Twitter After His Most Recent Feature with “Vulture”

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Filmmaker Joss Whedon, most known for directing Avengers and popular television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is trending on Twitter after his most recent feature with Vulture. He faced criticism after he stepped in to direct the DC film “Justice League” after Gal Gadot says he threatened to ruin her career. There were also allegations he was facing surrounding racism, causing Warner Bros. to investigate him, which later ended with “remedial action.” HBO also stated around this time that Whedon would no longer be an executive producer of “The Nevers” around this time as well. Now, Whedon is speaking out against these allegations.

Whedon’s interview

In the feature about Whedon, it was explained that though Whedon was once looked at as a feminist, especially with his television show that featured a woman who was not only the protagonist but the hero in the series, many do not consider this to be true after allegations of calling Charisma Carpenter, an actress on the show, “fat” after she became pregnant. This, along with the allegations discussed prior and other claims by others, did not sit well with many.

In regards to Carpenter, he blames this on his young behavior at the time. In the interview, he also dismissed other allegations, like making out with an actress while married or grabbing a costume designer’s arm. In another instance, Ray Fisher said that Whedon was “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” during the making of “Justice League.” Fisher also notes that he was told that his skin tone was lightened, though Whedon notes he brightened the entire movie, including actors’ faces. He also called Fisher a bad actor, “in both senses of the word.”

Twitter’s reaction 

Once the article came out, many were unhappy with Whedon and how he “defended” himself. Though he denied allegations, many felt as if he could not be believed.  In one instance he said he never threatened Gal Gadot’s career and that she might have misunderstood him, as English is not her first language. In an email correspondence with Gadot and the online magazine, Gadot says that she understood perfectly, disagreeing with the statements.


Twitter was also upset with what Whedon said about Fisher’s ability to act, especially with the claims that he had lightened characters due to their skin colors. However, many were supportive of Fisher and believe he is a good actor, causing him to trend with Whedon on Twitter.

Overall, many were confused with this article, as some felt it was supposed to explain Whedon’s side of the story or give him a chance to apologize, which neither of these seemed to be true. Others reiterate their dislike for Whedon, hoping that his days as a director will not continue.

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