The Lashes we all need

False lashes.

Never again. (Or so she thought…)

The last time Payton  had tried lashes she regretted it almost immediately. It was her best friend’s engagement party, so she had to look her best. But it was a disaster! Payton couldn’t get the lashes on properly, there was messy lash glue EVERYWHERE, and the worst part was it totally messed up her makeup and whole look. Plus of course they just ended up looking weird and needing constant adjusting throughout the night. 

In the end, it just wasn’t worth it. While she would have loved to look and feel better with some glam lashes for special occasions, Payton just couldn’t deal. You’ve probably been there too, right? Well, years went by, until one day Payton was refreshing my IG and FB feeds…

It was ads, ads, and more ads. All things she wanted but probably didn’t need. With a distrust for  brands these days, she was on the search for quality and good value. One day she saw this crazy video with this girl named Ann (apparently the founder of a company called Glamnetic) putting on magnetic lashes. And she did it in seconds! The lash literally JUMPED on her liner, it was crazy… 

Later that day, someone mentioned Glamnetic to Payton at work. Ironic. As the days went by, Glamnetic’s magnetic lashes kept popping up for her everywhere — in ads, conversations, until finally, she saw her co-worker even had them on one day. So, Payton  finally checked out their site and saw tons of amazing 5-star reviews. Too good to be true? But the reviews were so authentic, real girls that clearly had no incentive just like her. 

The more Payton  looked at their site and story, the more she fell in love with the brand. She learned about the GlamFam, a private Facebook group they run with tens of thousands of girls sharing their stories and saw all the amazing media coverage they got, along with tons of my favorite bloggers, vloggers, and influencers all giving love to the brand (many of which were not even paid!). 

The application process just looked so easy, so I finally made the purchase and went for it. 

When choosing what to buy, she went for one of their Value Kits, the Keep It Classy specifically, which is their #1 Bestseller and comes with two medium-length magnetic lasses and their jet black magnetic liner.

All the Value Kits are great. If you’re confused about which lash to get, there’s even a Lash Quiz (so amazing!) or a Lash Guide if you’re more visual. This is pretty much all you need to get started! 

Shipping was FAST, Payton think she got her package in 2 or 3 days. She loved the unboxing experience and the packaging, everything felt SO luxe and really spoke to her. Payton could really see the level of care and quality and innovation in everything they do. 

She was so excited to try my new lashes on… She didn’t even have a special event or anything that day, just a couple errands and some video meetings, but she decided to do it anyway! If it’s supposed to be that easy why not right?

It didn’t go as planned though… It was EVEN EASIER. You have to experience it for yourself to get it. 

First she put the eyeliner on, which was super easy, smooth, the blackest black color ever, and it applied just like any normal liner. There was no dealing with messy and hard to apply lash glue or anything like that. 

She let it get to about 80% dry which only took like 20 seconds, and then as she brought the lash close to my eye it LITERALLY automagically magnetized perfectly to her eye. Like WHAT?!?! Payton was MINDBLOWN!!!

The box the lashes come in is super sturdy and can be reused with the magnetic strip. Payton saw the lashes have 6 magnets, and she didn’t need to trim or adjust the lashes at all because unlike so many other brands out there they’ had already done this for her.. 

Another amazing thing is if she doesn’t like the placement she easily takes the lash off and readjust the position. It’s the perfect hold, strong enough to stay on all day long, but easy to adjust if needed.

Payton left the lashes on all day and night, she even had a workout in the evening after work and they STILL stayed on. At night the removal process was super easy. The lashes come off very gently, unlike that lash glue experience where she literally ripped out her natural lashes and left them damaged. She just used some micellar water to remove the liner and it came off like any other normal eyeliner. 

The lashes went back in their cute little box and they looked brand new like she hadn’t even used them. Her biggest worry was that she couldn’t actually re-use them and that they’d get worn out quickly. But Payton has now used both of these lashes over 40 TIMES, and as you can imagine, she’s become a raving fan and now owns almost every lash in the entire line. 

She would have spent so much more money on lash extensions or easily thrown away 10+ strip lashes at this point. She used my original lashes for over 3 months, and they still looked perfect.  

Now, Payton loves the company and everything they stand for. Plus, they sell out ALL the time so she sort of has to be on it. 

On top of it all — and perhaps most importantly — Payton has honestly NEVER been more confident. It isn’t that she’s changed or become someone else. It feels like Glamnetic’s lashes reveal the real [insert name], it’s been transformational for her.

The confidence she feels reminds her of childhood, where all my cares are out the window.  Never thinking she would love herself and her image the way Glamnetic has allowed her to. It almost feels therapeutic to throw on these beautiful lashes…

THIS is a type of therapy every woman should experience! 

Glamnetic has changed the beauty and makeup game for [insert name].

What is being able to love and express yourself wholeheartedly worth to you? For Payton it was life changing.

Payton started following Glamnetic, and learned how incredibly successful they’ve become so fast. Literally from the founder Ann’s tiny apartment in Los Angeles to a mega-successful brand that is now in Ulta, and just got featured by Facebook (yes, THE Facebook), on their most recent quarterly earnings call by Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg. 


She quickly found she wasn’t the only one. [insert name] couldn’t believe how many other girls like her there were out there who had the same exact issues and found this product that is literally the holy grail of beauty. 

Here’s Payton’s  final tip: Glamnetic is growing at such a fast pace that their products and lashes are out of stock all the time ( they’ve sold out like 27 times at this point in just the last year!). 

Payton would suggest starting with this Value Kit/Bundle. It is definitely the best way to get started and you’ll get the most value.