A Florida Woman Throws Boyfriend’s Cat into A River

Not stanley too!
By Christian McBride
Thistle charged with animal cruelty
Volusia County Sheriff's Office

A Florida woman has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty and assault. After tossing her ex-boyfriend’s cat that was still locked in his cage into a river.  53-year-old Christa Thistle has been detained after a heated argument with her now ex-boyfriend. There arguing and antics led to Thistle throwing her boyfriend’s pet cat Stanley into the river because he did not move out quick enough.

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We know how bad relationships can affect our lives, but Thistle’s boyfriend did not see this coming. “Are you insane?” thistle said as she was being detained by two police officers. The incident took place in a nearby waterway close to Riverwood Park Campground in Oak Hill per Volusia County officers. “You’re going to throw a cat in the river, you’re going to go to jail,” replied one deputy as Thistle was baffled that she was being arrested. “I did not throw a cat in the river” she responded.

According to peoples, “at some point during the argument the 53-year-old began removing her boyfriend’s belongings, including his cat Stanley, from an RV at the Riverwood Park Campground in Oak Hill. Thistle then allegedly threw Stanley into the river while the pet was still caged in a crate.” The police report states that the ex-boyfriend jumped into the river following their argument and saved his cat.

Stanley appeared to be cold and shivering and estimated to be underwater for about 20 seconds but still in good health. Thistle was charged with animal cruelty and simple assault after her requested phone alleging that she was going to ‘kill’ her ex-boyfriend when she got out. The cat Stanley is now in Volusia County Animal Service for evaluation. What do you think happened? Did she really try to kill his cat or maybe she wasn’t paying attention? Leave us a comment below!